In The Studio - The Immune System and the Brain

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Lin Weaver hosts Kimberley McAllister, Professor of Neurobiology, Director of UC Davis Center for Neuroscience.

topics discussed include: the immune system and how it communicates with the brain, new evidence that helps us understand what may cause diseases such as Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis and schizophrenia, how viral infection affects brain development.

Recorded 12/11/19.

Yolo YoYo’s in ‘Embrace REAL Christmas Spirit!’

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Yolo YoYo’s in ‘Embrace REAL Christmas Spirit!’

Santa - The REAL Santa! -  Seriously! @ Kringle’s Tree Farm, Woodland

giving to those beyond our sphere - performance at Carlton Senior Living/Davis

action from the tree lighting ceremony, Historic Downtown Woodland Group

- YoYo-ism = opposite of commercialism

Episode #12 is Yolo YoYo’s Season-One-Ending show

Yolo YoYo’s - The distinctive definition of good times &

modern family-oriented entertainment.

Davis Futures Forum presents Dr. Richard Jackson on 'How Your City's Built Environment Affects Your Health'

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Davis Futures Forum presents Dr. Richard Jackson Speaks on City Planning for Healthier Communities.

He talks about the "Health Benefits of a Good City Plan"

Dr. Richard Jackson, MD is the Retired Director of the Centers for Disease Control's Center for Environmental Health

Hosted by Davis Mayor Pro Tem Gloria Partida

Historical Sketches - Introduction

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"Historical Sketches" is a series of 28 minute films covering a historical period, a nation, a character, or providing curious knowledge and anecdotes that do not find their way in to text books. Each sketch is a fascinating mosaic of history that can peak the viewers curiosity and add to their knowledge. Art work and other images are added to give pleasure to the eye while entertaining the mind. We need history to understand the present and nurture the future. As Shakespeare would say 'may all the number of the stars give light to thy fair way.'

Fast Forward - Connie Willis

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Episode #287 of Fast Forward: Contemporary Science Fiction features a new interview with award winning author Connie Willis. Mrs. Willis talks about her latest novel, Crosstalk. The book is a romantic comedy, using the trope of telepathy to cause all sorts of havoc in the lives of the main characters.

Mrs. Willis also discusses a recent trip to the Space Telescope Science Institute, where she and other science fiction writers got to talk with the team that handles the Hubble telescope data.

Fast Forward - Ada Palmer

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Episode #286 of Fast Forward: Contemporary Science Fiction features an interview with author, historian and composer Ada Palmer. Ms. Palmer talks about her first novel, Too Like the Lightning.

Also in this episode:

Guest book reviewer Steve Cordle discusses Night Shift, the 3rd Book in the Midnight Texas series by Charlaine Harris.

Marianne Petrino gives 5 chans, her highest rating, to the thoughtful anime series Gingitsune.

We talk to the man behind "Dalek Rainer" at last year's World Science Fiction Convention.