Election June 2022

Davis Media Access (DMA) records "Meet the Candidates" statements for local contested races, Candidate Forums, and Pro-Con statements for local ballot Measures.

Local election coverage is integral to DMA's mission to highlight voices and opinions that typically do not receive mainstream media coverage. DMA has been proud to offer free election coverage to local candidates and Measure representatives for more than 30 years.

Election June 2022 - Measure H - Davis Innovation and Sustainability Campus Project (DISC)

Shall Resolution 22-010 be adopted to approve a mixed-use innovation center with lab and research facilities, offices, market-rate and affordable housing, hotel/conference center, parks, and community sports fields, by amending the City of Davis General Plan to change land use designations for the Davis Innovation and Sustainability Campus 2022 (DiSC 2022) and Mace Triangle properties from Agriculture and Public/Quasi-Public to Innovation Center, Urban Agriculture Transition Area, General Commercial and Public/Semi-Public, and establishing Baseline Project Features?

Meet The Candidates - June 2022 - Congressional 4th District

Meet the Candidates for Congressional 4th District. There are seven candidates running in the primary for this seat. They are: Matt Brock (R), Andrew David Engdahl (D),  Scott Giblin (R),  Jimih Jones (R),   Jason Kishineff (I),  Seth Newman (R),  and Mike Thompson (D).

The four Republican candidates, Matt Brock, Scott Giblin, Jimih Jones and Seth Newman declined to participate.