Elemental Street Mural

Video documenting the creation of the Elemental Street Mural, in the Senda Nueva Neighborhood of Davis, CA.   Created over the course of many months in 2018, culminating in a weekend of painting on October 12-14.

Featuring some of the design team: Danielle Fodor- Lead Artist, Judy Catambay, Carlea Warren-Rossi, Josiah Lopez, Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation, and 150 residents from the neighborhood.

Also featuring some of the Senda Nueva Neighborhood Creative Action Team: Raychel Kubby Adler, Juliette Beck, Nick Buxton, Judy Catambay, Gina Gemignani, Meg Gurley, Dolly Hamilton, Sarah Keith, Josiah Lopez, Sarah Mandel, Christine McCrory, Leonie Pickett, Stephanie Schoen, Jenny Tom, and Carlea Warren-Rossi, as well as some of the over 500 volunteers & 100 individual donors who brought  "Elemental" to life.

The mural is a project of the City of Davis Arts and Cultural Affairs program with additional support from California Arts Council, Art Works - National Endowment for the Arts, and Asphalt Impressions.

The Video is produced through a partnership with City of Davis Arts and Cultural Affairs Program and Davis Media Access

Videographers:  Bryce Parker, Jamie Beuerlein, Madeline Yamaguchi, Josiah Lopez, Jeff Shaw

Video Editors: Jeff Shaw, Bryce Parker

Drone Footage: John Zibell, Muamer Celik

Still Images: Owen Carr, Connie Fodor, Residents of Senda Nueva Neighborhood

Music: “Sun Melt Waves” & “Fun Under the Sun” by Gavin Luke, licensed under Epidemic Sound;  “Je ne sais plus” by Lessazo, licensed under Art Libre Free Art License 1.3;  "Loopster"  by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com), Licensed under Creative Commons, Attribution 3.0 License

Davis Media Access, CC BY-NC-ND 2019

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