Sci-fi Journal - Feb'15

Sci-Fi Journal for February 2015 with hosts James Hinsey, Jay Kingston, Marc Morisseau, and Calvin Watts III, and with special guest Chuckles the Clown. Jay does Popcorn Previews with trailers for "Mad Max: Fury Road", "Ant Man", "Ex Machina", and "Jurassic World". Calvin does Game Over with news on the latest DVD/Blu-ray video releases, video gaming news, a review of the Blue Goji device sent to us by Blue Goji, and for the pinball segment featuring The Addams Family pinball table. Marc does Toob News with the latest on upcoming shows on television. James does Anime Daisuki with news on anime and other things from Jaoan. James has an interview from Rhode Island Comic Con with Vic Mignogna talking about Star Trek Continues, a fan film set in The Original Series era. We do a discussion of recent and upcoming Comic Books in our Cover-to-Cover segment and another interview from RICC with Ramon Gil. We close the show with Chuckles presenting us with a gift.

59 min 26 sec
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