Talking Point - The Evolution of Power

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Dutch Born UC Davis Distinguished Professor Emeritus Geerat J. Vermeij of the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences is a prominent paleoecologist and evolutionary biologist of our time.

His latest book “The Evolution of Power" will be published in November 2o23 by Princeton University Press.

Our interview will focus on how power has played a determining role in the evolution of all life on earth, and the unique impact that humans have made as the most powerful species ever evolved on our earth.

In The Studio - Peanut's Playhouse

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Host Alex Silva-Sadder talked with Kasandra Vargas who is a ventriloquist educator for children. They discussed her history and what inspired her, the mission of Peanut's Playhouse to build a child's confidence, love and acceptance, the projects and shows around topics such as anti-bullying, autism inclusion, the environment, and they talked about her first audio book and future projects.

For more info http://peanutsplayhouse.org

Recorded 3/16/2023

In The Studio - Transforming the Aesthetic Experience

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Tim Gaffaney hosts Oona Hatton, Co-Artistic Director for Davis Repertory Theatre. They discussed the theate's vision  dedicated to professional repertory theatre, power, equity, children, the local community, and performance ethnography. Oona talked about their up coming shows which are free and will have ASL interpretation, Hear First which is a native story walk, their focus on presenting live theatre, and the non traditional spaces for their performances.

For more information http://davisrep.org

Recorded 3/7/23

In The Studio - People Saving People

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Host Lin Weaver talks with Vicki Wolfe, Communications Manager for Vitalant about the blood donation shortage, and why there is one. They discussed the various blood types and how those are used, why it is so important to donate, who benefits from the donation, who is eligible, and the process to sign up to donate.

For more information call 1-877-25-VITAL


Recorded 2/23/2023

In The Studio - Vets Theatre Gets A Makeover

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Tim Gaffaney hosts Joseph Fletcher who is the theater manager for the Vets Memorial Theatre (VMT) in Davis. They discussed the upgrades being made to the theatre, what Civic Practice Theatre is and how that aligns with the mission to foster civic identity, how covid has affected the arts and this theatre, and plans for the future including their mobile stage.


Recorded 2/8/23

In The Studio - A Community of Arts

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Tim Gaffaney hosts Shelly Gilbride, Chair of Arts Alliance Davis. They discussed what the organization is and what they do, the history of the Alliance, current happenings and a support system for the arts.

Shelly also talked about her role as chair and how it aligns with her position as the Director of I-House Davis. 


Recorded 1/12/2023

In The Studio - Illuminate, Educate and Connect - the Mondavi Center at 20

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Host Tim Gaffaney spoke with Jeremy Ganter,  Director of Programming and Associate Executive Director of the Mondavi Center about the center's history and mission, its role as both a campus and regional resource, its diverse programming, the focus on diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion, and their vision for the next 20 years.


Recorded 11/01/22

In The Studio - TANA Creating Culture/Building Community

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Host Tim Gaffaney talks with the director of TANA, Jose Arenas. They discussed how the idea of a workshop of the new dawn got started, the groundwork to establish a location, the mission to find spaces for the Latinx community for artistic expression, to come together to share ideas and bring about change. They highlighted up coming events culminating in the annual Dia De Los Muertos celebration Oct 29, 5-8pm.


Recorded 10/4/2022