In The Studio - Thursday Live at the Odd Fellows

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Tim Gaffaney hosts Kurt Roggli co-chair of the Davis Odd Fellows Music Committee. They discussed the history of the lodge, the composition of the lodge today and the services they offer. They talked about how Odd Fellows has contributed to the music scene in Davis by not only hosting other music events but by offering Thursday Live where bands are excited to perform. They talked about the details of the type of music, why the musicians want to perform at this event, and how the donations work.


Recorded 1/15/24

The City Considers - Addressing Homelessness in Davis

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On this episode of  "The City Considers" Autumn Labbe-Renault interviews Dana Bailey, Director of Social Services and Housing for the City of Davis. Bailey joined the City in May 2022 as head of this new department, the creation of which was a direct outcome of efforts to provide a non-police response to incidents involving mental illness and/or homelessness.

In The Studio - Healthy Holiday Eating For All Ages

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Kristin Trent interviews Salvador Ramirez, Executive Director of Yolo Farm to Fork. Discussing healthy eating habits during the holidays, Ramirez shares his own experience with healthy eating, advice for a healthier holiday season, and recipe ideas.  

Yolo Farm to Fork http://yolofarmtofork.org

Recorded 12/1/23

In The Studio - A Holiday Tradition

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Host Tim Gaffaney talked with City of Davis Media Services Specialist Robert Schulz about the Davis Children's Nutcracker. This will be the first in person production since the pandemic. They discussed what the parks & rec department's inspiration was for starting this event back in 1977, why it so important to the community and the city's continued commitment to the production, notable changes over the years, what it takes to put on a show like, and the new director this year. 

This season's performances run Dec 6-10, 2023 at the Veterans Memorial Theatre

In The Studio - Clean Davis, Clean Ocean

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Kristin Trent interviews Cathie Bullis, Co-Founder of Davis Picks It Up (DPIU), a local non-profit that eliminates litter locally to prevent impacts on land and ocean ecosystems. Bullis discusses the litter to ocean pipeline, crime solving on the job, found treasures, and her favorite things about DPIU.

For more information email davispicksitup@gmail.com

or go to their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/680390876328575/

Recorded 1o/26/23

In The Studio - Red Altar: Telling Untold Stories

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Host Autumn Labbe-Renault interviews Nancy Wang and Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo, Co-Directors and Artists with Eth-Noh-Tec in San Francisco, CA.

Founded in 1981, Robert and Nancy developed a unique style of storytelling that weaves music, dance, rhythmic dialogue, lively facial expressions and the spoken word to present both ancient and contemporary Asian stories to adults and children nationally and internationally.

In The Studio - Enriching the Silver Screen

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Host Tim Gaffaney talks with Judith Plank the director of the Davis Film Fest which will be held November 5th at the Veteran's Memorial Theater. They discussed how and why she started the festival, the films that will be shown and the selection process. They also talked about the categories, what an experimental film means, how this festival follows models of festivals around the world, the local connection, and new additions for the future. Judith also talked about the state of independent film making in this country and reasons it has grown.

In The Studio - What The Birds Are Telling Us

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Kristin Trent hosts PhD Candidate, Jacob Johnson, who shares his research exploring the behavioral responses of animals amidst climate crisis. He discusses his field work with the Dark-eyed Junco, their response to the growing number of wildfires in California, and ways individuals can get involved with conservation.

For more information about Jacob's research https://www.jacobjohnsonscience.com/science

Recorded 9/28/23

In The Studio - The Story's The Thing

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Host Tim Gaffaney talks with Emily Masuda who is the Director of Stories On Stage Davis. They discussed how it got started and the original vision of the creator, as well as describing a typical event. They talked about the differences between having an actor read the story verses the author reading their own work, their collaboration with other arts organizations, and working with Davis Senior High School with a writing contest.

In The Studio - A Space to Create

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Tim Gaffaney hosts Jord Nelson who is the president and executive director of Third Space. They discussed the concept of Third Space for the arts, how it has served the community in the past and reforming that approach. They explored why Davis is in need of an arts focused space, how arts contribute an important cultural history, art as a purpose, the expense of creating, and they talked about the future for Third Space which is seeking a permanent home.

For more information: https://thirdspacedavis.org/

Recorded 7/20/2023