In The Studio - Davis Musical Theatre Company Turns 40

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Tim Gaffaney talks with Steve Isaacson, the Co-Producer and Co-Founder of the Davis Musical Theatre Company. DMTC is celebrating 40 years so Tim asked how it all got started, what has kept them going, key growing points, successes, challenges they have encountered, how they select their season and thoughts about the future.

For more information: http://dmtc.org

Recorded 6/10/24

In The Studio - Cultivating Art & Ag

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Host Tim Gaffaney talks with Jenna Harris, YoloArts Education Director about their Art & Ag program. They discussed the history of the project, how it works, and it's main goal. They also looked at how this program has helped to preserve farmland, what the farmers get out of participating, and the relationship that has developed between farmers and individual artists. Jenna also gave a recap of some of the places they have taken artists each month, and talked about their fall Art Farm artwork show.

For more information: http://yoloarts.org

In the Studio - Get in on the Secret!

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Host Tim Gaffaney talked with Toni Rizzo who is a local artist and co-founder of Secret Spot. They discussed how the concept for this art space was born, why they felt this would be a much needed gallery for artists that feel disconnected, and how it will help the art community. They also talked about their collective approach to art, networking with other galleries, the community support and plans for future events. 

For more info go to Instagram secret_spot_davis

Recorded 4/19/24

The City Considers - Davis Major Josh Chapman

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Autumn Labbe-Renault interviews Davis Mayor Josh Chapman on this episode of "The City Considers." The show aims to provide discussion and insight into the people and services behind City government. Elected to the Davis City Council in 2020, he began his term as mayor in January of this year.

Autumn first interviewed Mayor Chapman when he was running for the newly created City Council District 5 in South Davis. From pandemic to now, the discussion touches on City finance and infrastructure; housing; the upcoming General Plan process; I-80, and the planned library in Walnut Park.

Herstory 1 and 2 - Dr.Chen - 03-25-23

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Dr. Chang C. Chen  immigrated to America 40 years ago from Taiwan to pursue her graduate studies. After obtaining her Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Rutgers University and J.D. from Columbia University Law School, she launched an illustrious legal career spanning 35 years.  She was elected to be a Taiwan Senator and has even hosted several television shows.

In The Studio - The Chamber Music Society

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Host Tim Gaffaney talks with Mathew Krejci, the operations director of the Chamber Music Society of Sacramento. They discussed the origins of the society, what holds a program together, themes for concerts and seasons, composers who aren't part of the usual canon, why they offer concerts in both Sacrmaneto and Davis,  previous and upcoming programs, the roll schools play in cultivating future audiences, and the concerns for the future of chamber and classical music

Learn about upcoming concerts and seasons at https://cmssacto.org