Yolo YoYo's Season 2 Episode 6 - Trash-the-Trash! - Clean Up Woodland

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Yolo YoYo's in “Trash-the-Trash! - Clean Up Woodland"

Woodland’s Yolo Yoyo's pitch in with 100 other members of the community,

including Council Member Tom Stallard, Mayor Rich Lansburgh & Police Chief Derrek Kaff

to do some much-needed clean-up on Main Street, Woodland, CA

Davis Vanguard - Yolo County Ethnic Studies Public Forum

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On March 5, the Vanguard had a discussion panel on Yolo County Ethnic Studies Public Forum.

The discussion covered:

– What Ethnic Studies (ES) is and is not, from historical and academic perspectives;

– Why Ethnic Studies is needed in our schools and consequently in our communities;

– Updates on efforts to bring ES to schools in the county;

– Challenges in the work to bring ES to schools, and suggested solutions or steps to take (from the perspective of the panelists, including DJUSD educators);

In The Studio - Blue Moon Literary & Art Review

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Alex Silva-Sadder hosts Scott Evans, local author and Editor of the Blue Moon Literary & Art Review.



topics discussed include: how Scott got started as a writer, his career as both a writer and educator, what was the impetus for creating the Blue Moon Literary & Art Review, thoughts on physical vs. digital distribution, the types of work he solicits, who contributes, and advice for young writers.

Recorded 03/11/21.

In The Studio - Growing Whole Children in the Garden

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Autumn Labbe- Renault interviews Lorie Hammond, Author and Alexandra Hammond, Illustrator of the book Growing Whole Children in the Garden.


Topics discussed: describe Peregrine School, how the idea for the book came along, the process of mother-daughter collaboration, what the book is about, and what they hope the book accomplishes/who it reaches.

Recorded 03/10/2021

COVID-19 Community Report March 2, 2021 - Student Voices Pt1

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COVID-19 Community Report - Episode #54 - March 2, 2021 - Student Voices Pt1

This is a video made using the audio content from the KDRT 95.7 LP-FM show, found here:


See link above for show content details.

hosted by Autumn Labbe-Renault, Exectutive Director of Davis Media Access, on KDRT 95.7 LP-FM. Tuesdays, Noon-12:30pm.

Davisville March 1, 2021 - New UC Davis research says teens who bully often target their friends

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We hear a lot about teen bullying, but this research from the University of California, Davis, is new: It says most such bullying occurs among peers climbing the social ladder, and the “highest rates of bullying occur between friends, and between friends of friends.” As if junior high weren’t difficult enough.

Davisville February 15, 2021 - Link21 would bring Davis closer to Bay Area by reducing travel times

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If San Francisco were an hour closer to Davis, how would that change life in Davis? We might find out in the next 10 to 20 years, thanks to a program that is starting to take shape now. Link21, sponsored by BART and the Capitol Corridor, would add a second transbay rail crossing as part of an ambitious, expensive plan to extend rail connections throughout the 21-county megaregion that stretches from Yuba County to Monterey. The program’s components include faster Capitol Corridor train service between Sacramento and San Francisco, among other changes.

Yolo YoYo’s Season 2 Episode 5 - Time to Cheer in High Gear through the Stratosphere for 2021

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Yolo YoYo’s in ‘Time to Cheer in High Gear through the Stratosphere for 2021’
short, rockin video - uplifting moods to the moon
Live from their spot at ‘Woodland Christian School Christmas Drive-Thru Parade, 2020’
- including hilarious clips from Yolo YoYo’s On Good Day Sacramento
- The Yolo YoYo’s desire an awesome 2021 and beyond, with healthy good times and loving relationships for all.
- “The most energetic Good Day Sac of 2020! Thx so much Yolo YoYos!”
Good Day staff
Season 2 episode 5