Parent University 2014 - 2015 Dr. Shimi K. Kang, MD

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Dr. Shimi K. Kang, MD discusses "The Dolphin Way" - A Parent's Guide to Raising Healthy, Happy and Motivated Kids- Without Turning into A Tiger.

Moderated by Pamela Wu.

Recorded December 3rd, 7-9pm at the Brunelle Theater, Davis High School, by Davis Media Access.

Roots of Inspiration

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TEDx UC Davis presents the Salon "Roots of Inspiration" on November 22, 2014.

Recorded by Davis Media Access, this Salon featured:

Stephen Wheeler - Sustainable Cities

Joe Gee - Gratitude, A Practice for Resilience

Anne Capcap - Performance

Pam Marrone - Controlling Pests Sustainably, A Lifelong Dream

Cathy Speck - What Do I Do Now?

Bakuhatsu Taiko Dan - Performance

Recorded at the Varsity Theater, downtown Davis.

Me and Him on KDRT's Live Tracks

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Jim Buchanan of Live Tracks hosts Kurt Roggli and Martin Lewis, known as "Me and Him" on December 11, 2014.  Live on KDRT-LP, Davis, CA.

A Declaration of The Independence of Cyberspace

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Internet legend John Perry Barlow a former Wyoming rancher and Grateful Dead lyricist is best known for his A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace, a statement of the natural liberty and the anti–sovereignty of Cyberspace, which in part led to his moniker the Thomas Jefferson of Cyberspace.

In The Studio - A Zimbabwean in Davis

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Lin Weaver hosts Nathalie Minya, Motivational Speaker and Clothing Designer from Zimbabwe.

Topics discussed include: growing up in Zimbabwe, her first impressions of the US, her values and dreams, and displays of some of her designs

Recorded 12/09/14

My Sob Story by Toby Zoates

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Australian artist Toby Zoates performs his life story as a monologue at THE DAMIEN MINTON GALLERY. Bravura recounting of his roller coaster escapades. From acid to India, childhood to the politics of art and the squats, this is the story of an urban artist in the late twentieth century.

United States Bicycling Hall of Fame 2014 Induction Ceremony

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The 28th Annual U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame's Induction Ceremony and Silent Auction was held on Saturday November 8th in Davis California at the Activities and Recreation Center at U.C. Davis. 

Jonathan Richman at the Old Palms Playhouse

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Jonathan Richman at the Old Palms Playhouse in South Davis, CA, approx. 1985.

In The Studio - Surviving The Holiday Eating Frenzy

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Lin Weaver hosts Lizette Rodriquez, Masters Student in Nutritional Biology at UC Davis.

Topics discussed include: Tips on how to avoid overeating, especially during the holidays, and how to maintain a balanced diet throughout the year.

Recorded 11/20/14

In The Studio - The Art Theater of Davis

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Lin Weaver hosts Tim Nutter, Artistic Director, The Art Theater of Davis, and Actors Lisa Halko and Sara Matsui.

Topics discussed include: The venue, their ambitious repertoire, their original translations and their philosophical approach to theater.

Recorded 11/20/14



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