Election November 2020

Davis Media Access (DMA) recorded 24 "Meet the Candidates" statements for local races spanning school board to Congress in the Nov. 3, 2020 election. We also recorded Pro-Con statements for local ballot Measure B.

During COVID, we do not have access to our studios at DMA, and candidates were recorded remotely. Sound and lighting were constant challenges, but we believe the getting the content out was more important than achieving production perfection. Each candidate within a given race was allowed the same amount of time to answer the same three questions.

Local election coverage is integral to DMA's mission to highlight voice and opinions that typically do not receive mainstream media coverage. DMA has been proud to offer free election coverage to local candidates for more than 30 years.

Watch our live election coverage tonight. Starting at 8pm.

Election 2020 Community Forums

Election 2020 Community Forums

Coverage of various election forums and events, for the November 2020 election.

For candidate statements, please see Meet The Candidates 2020.

Election Nov. 2020 - Measure B - Davis Innovation and Sustainability Campus Project (DISC)

No on Measure B - Alan PryorYes on Measure B - Gloria PartidaShall Resolution 20-110 be adopted to amend the Davis General Plan to approve a mixed-use development comprised of innovation center, housing, and retail uses, by changing the land use designations for the Davis Innovation & Sustainability Campus and Mace Triangle properties from Agriculture and Public/Quasi-Public to Innovation Center, Urban Agriculture Transition Area, General Commercial and Public/Semi-Public, and by establishing the Baseline Project Features?