Parental Guidance Suggested - TV-14/ PG-13

The Connie Bryan Show - Nov'18

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Comedian Connie Bryan's monthly late night style talk show, shot live to tape from Sacramento, CA...On this November 2018 episode, Connie impersonates the Saudi Royal Family "Publicist" giving a press conference about the death of the Washington Post reporter Jamal Khashoggi, with NBC White House Correspondent Hallie Jackson calling them out on their B.S.   Later in the episode, don't miss Connie's interview with Sasha Abramsky, columnist for the Sacramento Bee and the New York Times as they discuss the shame that has become of the current Republican Party.

To Hell with Hell

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"To Hell with Hell" is about a secret society that takes great adavantage over innocent and gullible people in order to recruit them.  This production relates what their recruiters forgot to tell them.