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The Art Theater of Davis presents Hedda Gabler

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The Art Theater of Davis presents Hedda Gabler

performed at Third Space, Davis, California.

starring Tatiana Ray, John McClean, Tyler Shaffo, Lisa Halko, Tess Chism, Timothy Nutter, Dylan Wright.

directed by Timothy Nutter.

video shot by Davis Media Access and edited by Livia Morris and Alex Silva-Sadder.

Recorded June 1, 2014.

The White Bag

This episode is currently not viewable online.

What is hidden in “The White Bag” could destroy the planet.

Can our hero, Dick Jordan, “Ace of Spies,” find it before who do nothing but evil wrap their satanic hands around it? Or will the forces of darkness prevail and the Earth become a lightless void in the galaxy?

Watch this amusing spoof on black-and-white film noir and spy movies of the mid-20th century to find out!