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75 Years After Hiroshima/Nagasaki -- Rolling Back the Nuclear Arsenal

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75 Years After Hiroshima/Nagasaki -- Rolling Back the Nuclear Arsenal

This one-hour program features a powerful eyewitness account by a Setsuko Thurlow, a survivor of the Hiroshima bombing.  Ms. Thurlow provides her memories of the day the atomic bomb dropped, post-war Japan, how she became an activist, and her work with the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), winner of the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize.

March for Justice - In Support of Black Lives

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Davis Media Access coverage of the March for Justice event on June 14th, 2020.
The event was hosted by:
ACLU Yolo County Chapter
Labor Council for Latin American Advancement - Sacramento AFL- CIO (LCLAA)
Yolo Democratic Socialists of America
Yolo Progressives
Solidarity Space for George, Ahmaud, Breonna, Tony
Indivisible Yolo
Jewish Action NorCal
Yolo Grassroots Collective
Dillan Horton for Davis City Council

In The Studio - Liberia: Today and Tomorrow

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Alex Silva-Sadder hosts Quanuquanei A. Karmue, Executive Director of Save More Kids.

topics discussed include: how the devastation of Liberia's two civil wars has created the current demographic and economic circumstances, those circumstances, what Save More Kids does, and visions for Liberia's future.

Recorded 01/16/20.

In The Studio - Youth Action on Climate Change

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Bryce Parker hosts Megan Phelps, Chair, Climate Reality Project at UC Davis.

topics discussed include: The Climate Reality Project Campus Corps at UCD is a chapter of the International Climate Reality Project, focused on reversing climate change, k-12 education program, get out the vote, goals of the movement, hot house worlds

Recorded 11/13/19.

In The Studio - Immigration in Yolo County

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Autumn Labbe-Renault hosts Ramon Urbano, Past-President, Yolo Interfaith Immigration Network (YIIN) and Sam Loomis, YIIN Fundraising Coordinator.

topics discussed include: fundraising dinner April 10th, why the network started, programs they have, other organizations they work with, their museum, how to get involved.

Recorded 03/07/19.

Populist Dialogues - 18-07 - The VA Gives Better Care - Don't Privatize It

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Our guest Suzanne Gordon, author of ''The Battle for Veterans' Healthcare, Dispatches From the Front lines of Policy Making and Patient Care'', discusses what the VA is, the effects of underfunding and rules made by Congress; who is eligible; the difference between VA health care and private health care; what happens when veterans are moved from the VA to private service providers.

Recorded: May 16, 2018

This is one in a series of interviews between host David Delk and various guests working to end corporate domination and establishing true democracy.

Vanguard Court Watch 8th Annual Fundraiser

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The Davis Vanguard presents Vanguard Court Watch 8th Annual Fundraiser.

Immigration Law: Defending Immigrant Rights and Keeping Families Together


Cecelia Escamillia-Greenwald, Brett Lee, NLG Sacramento, ACLU Yolo, Chuck Pacheco, Don Saylor, Holly Cooper, and David Greenwald.

Guest speaker Matt Gonzalez.

Immigration is a highly charged and important issue in our nation today. The event features two speakers who have been on the front lines of defending the rights of immigrants and their families.