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Sacramento Soapbox.

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Guest is Barbara Lubin, director of Middle East Childrens Alliance. Produced by John Webb at Access Sacramento. Sponsored by Darrick Servis.

African Americans in Davis

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Episode #2

Hosted by Tansey Thomas.

Guests: Jann Murray-Garcia, Charles Davis, and Vickie Davis.

Blacks for Effective Community Actions.

Produced by Tansey Thomas.

In Memory of Eugene & Maxine Stevenson.

Crew: Jennifer Carr, Eric Koistinen, Lisa Gruska, Daniel Lee, Mike Meade, Jeff Shaw.

Recorded 05/24/01.

Digitized from Tape (V-1792), 02/09/19.

Martin Luther King Jr's Legacy in Davis

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In 1965, a group from Davis marched with King. They have left a legacy of activism ever since. Lisa Thomas hosts: Terry Turner, Professor of Arts and Humanities, Rev. John Pamperin, Street Minister and Coordinator Davis Community Resource Project, Dick Holdstock, Environmental Consultant and Former City Councilman, and Rev. Timothy Malone, Campus Minister. 

Produced by Tansey Thomas.

Crew: Brian Holsten, Jeff Shaw, Mike Meade, David Korodrau, Stephen Souza, Michael Klupp, Kathleen Stephens, and David Pierce.

Completed 01/11/01.

Davis Magazine

This episode is currently not viewable online.

Jack Forbes, Professor Emeritus, Native American Studies, UC Davis, and Dick Livingston, Professor of Ethnic Studies, Solano College, discuss the ramifications on world affairs of US involvement in Yugoslavia.

Jeanne Jones, General Manager PG&E Properties and Past President of Davis Chamber of Commerce, Don Shor, Redwood Barn Nursery, and Lori Sternberg, Executive Director of the Davis Chamber of Commerce, discuss the Davis Business EXPO '99.

Produced by Jeff Shaw and DCTV interns.

Post-production: Darrick Servis

Graphics: Jeff Shaw