Local Government

Davis City Council Candidate Forum 2016

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Sponsored by the Davis Vanguard. Co-sponsored by Civenergy and Davis Media Access. Featuring:

Will Arnold, Candidate, Davis City Council

Paul Boylan, Candidate, Davis City Council

Lucas Frerichs, Incumbent, Davis City Council

Brett Lee, Incumbent, Davis City Council

Matt Williams, Candidate, Davis City Council

Recorded March 12, 2016 at the Davis Community Church

Presentation and Discussion of The Nishi Gateway Project

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Presented by the Davis Vanguard, this Presentation and Discussion of the Nishi Gateway Project was recorded by Davis Media Access at University Park Inn on January 31, 2016.    
Nishi Gateway Managing Partner Tim Ruff, Davis City Council member Brett Lee, and City of Davis Community Development Staffer Katherine Hess are on hand for the presentation and discussion.

Alternate Dispute Resolution: Bringing Restorative Justice Process to Police / Citizen Interactions

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"Alternate Dispute Resolution: Bringing Restorative Justice Process to Police / Citizen Interactions," presented by Darren Pytel, Davis Police Department.

Recorded by Davis Media Access as part of the Yolo Leaders Forum "Yolo Talks" on Innovation, presented by Yolo LAFCo at DMG MORI on April 30, 2015.

In The Studio - Police Community Relations

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Lin Weaver hosts Patty Wong, County Librarian/Archivist, Yolo County Library, and Calvin Handy, UC Berkeley and UC Davis Police Chief Emeritus.



topics dicussed include: The March 12th Forum on Community Policing, challenges, frustrations and innovative solutions to better relations between the people and the police; The Peel's Principles of Modern Law Enforcement, and the California Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.