National Government

Populist Dialogues - 14-22 - A 28th Constitutional Amendment

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Our guest is David Cobb, chief spokesperson for Move to Amend, advocating for a 28th Constitutional amendment which declares that corporations are not people and money is not speech. David explains why we need such an amendment and why it needs to say both, rather than just one of these provisions. David notes that if we don't do this, we will not have an actual functioning democratic republic.

First broadcast November 16, 2014

Populist Dialogues - 14-15 - Opposing the Privatization of the US Postal Service

This episode is currently not viewable online.

Guest Jamie Partridge, a member of Portland Communities and Postal Workers United and a retired postal worker himself, discusses the efforts of the upper echelons of the US Postal Service to privatize the service and the efforts of communities impacted by such efforts united with postal officers to prevent that from happening.

Egyptian Update

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A conversation among:

Ashraf Seddeek, of the American Egyptian Strategic Alliance
Nancy Zayed, American Egyptian Activist
Saher Yassa, of Saint Mary's Coptic Church and an Architect

Produced by: Kirk Lewis
Directed by: Tyler Shaffo
Sound by: Eunah Cho
Cameras by: Kirk Lewis and Alex Silva-Sadder
Editing by: Ashley Hamlin

Recorded at DMA studio 11/14/13