In The Studio - Water Conservation in Davis

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Jeff Shaw hosts Jennifer Gilbert, Conservation Coordinator, City of Davis Public Works.

topics discussed include: we are in a Stage 3 water drought, tips on reducing water usage and how the city has programs to help residents conserve.

In The Studio - Davis Farm to School

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Lin Weaver hosts Beth Harrison, Executive Director of Yolo County "Farm to Fork" and Dorothy Peterson, Chairperson of "Farm to School."

topics discussed include: their mission, bringing quality, local food to the schools, teaching the students about good nutrition.  Providing hands-on experience growing healthy food, changing unhealthy habits through education, and helping to bring benefits to the local economy.

In The Studio - Go Green, Feel Good!

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Lin Weaver hosts Randii MacNear, Manager, Davis Farmers Market.

topics discussed include: how to shop the market without using plastic bags, seasonality of fresh produce, the Farmer's Market Cookbook, and other attractions such as the music and atmosphere of old fashioned fun.

In The Studio - Farm to Fork Festival

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Lin Weaver hosts Kari Miskit, PR Manager "Visit Sacramento," and Nicole Rogers, Program Manager Sacramento "Farm-to-Fork" Festival.

topics discussed include: Where and when the festival will take place, what the visitors can expect, history and background, and information about volunteering.

California's Water: A Reliable Solution - The Twin Tunnels Project

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Dr. Pyke, Consulting Engineer, commentary and evaluation of Governor's Twin Tunnel Plan.

In The Studio - Bohart Museum

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Tyler Shaffo hosts Lynn Kimsey, Ph.D., Director, and Steven Heydon, Collection Manager, both of the Bohart Museum of Entomology.


OLLI presents - Bill Rains - Use of Agricultural Fertilizer - From Too Little to Too Much

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OLLI, the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, presents Bill Rains and his lecture 'Use of Agricultural Fertilizer: From Too Little to Too Much.'

e2 - A Garden in Cairo

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Cairo, a city of 16 million, is one of the most densely populated in the world, with only one square foot of green space per person prior to 2005. His Highness the Aga Khan, the spiritual leader of the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims, saw the need to relieve this congestion. The result is Al-Azhar Park: a 500-year-old dump-turned-"urban lung" that provides much-needed green space and a source of civic pride.

In The Studio - University Farm Circle

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Lin Weaver hosts Sheila Beyer and Linda Ziskind, co-presidents of University Farm Circle. Topics discussed: Intercampus day, Picnic Day, Golden Gala, and 2014 marking the 100th year anniversary of the University Farm Circle.

Populist Dialogues - 13-52 - Friends of Family Farmers

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Leah Rodgers, Dep Exec Director of Friends of Family Farmers (FofFF) describes how and why the organization formed in order to be a community voice supporting small socially responsible family farmers in opposition to a corporate farm in Oregon. FofFF is a non-corporate alternative for family farmers to the Farm Bureau, which is entrenched in the status quo of big corporate farming. Discussion covers challenges faced by small family farmers including access to capital.


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