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Sci-Fi Hour - Science Fiction Fandom - STEAMPUNK

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Science Fiction Fandom is a series of TV shows showing activities at various Science Fiction Conventions (Cons) that have taken place in the Boston, Massachusetts, USA area.

While shot in Boston the subject matter is universal to Sci Fi fans, mainly panel discussions at conventions ... both fan related (including costuming, books and tv/movies) and science related.

Episode #56 - STEAMPUNK: What it is, What is isn't.

Panel discussion at ARISIA 2010 Panel members: Nightwing Whitehead, Barbara Pugliese, Raven Stern, Mario DiGacomo, Stormwolf

Sci-Fi Hour - SciFi Ninja Theatre

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"Sci-Fi Ninja Theatre" is a video "fanzine" of the metro NY area's many horror, Anime, comic con, and science fiction conventions, along with coverage of musical events and tattoo gatherings, and even entering into the underground world of NYC nightlife.

This is the public access show that started them all in the area, having been on the air since the 1990's. Local bands, review and clip of anime and horror films, and interviews with celebrities at these types of events!

This is a NYC legend of a program, with fans all over the world. Enjoy it today!

Sci-fi Journal - May'14

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Sci-Fi Journal for May 2014 with hosts James Hinsey, Jay Kingston, Marc Morisseau, and Calvin Watts III. Jay begins with Popcorn Previews and the trailers for "The BoxTrolls", "Lucy", "The Machine", and "The Signal". Calvin is next with Game Over and upcoming Blu-ray/DVD home video releases, and video game news about TitanFall, The Pinball Arcade, and Batman Arkham Knight. Marc does Toob News with the latest on TV shows coming this summer and a trailer for season 4 of "Falling Skies". For Anime Daisuki, James posts several video clips from Anime Boston.

Power Houses

This episode is currently not viewable online.

This program profiles California collegiate teams competing in the US Dept. of Energy's 2013 Solar Decathlon and XPO.

The U.S. Dept of Energy's Solar Decathlon is a competition that challenges collegiate teams to design, build and operate net zero houses, which are energy efficient, affordable and attractive.

The four teams profiles include: Stanford Univerity, Santa Clara University, the Univerity of Southern California, and the Southern California Institute of Architecture, paired with the California Institute of Technology.

The Road to Recovery - Peer Recovery Support - Leveraging Personal Experience in Helping Others

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Peer recovery support in behavioral health is a powerful and essential component of the recovery process. More recently, however, the recognition of the importance of peer support has led to more structured and intentional applications of this recovery support approach.  For example, many peer "recovery support specialists" and "recovery coaches" have received training on the most effective ways to help peers in recovery.