Yolo YoYo's Episode #3 - On Stage, LIVE! with the Nickel Slots & Kiss N' Tell @ Thursday Night Live!

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Yolo YoUYo's Episode #2

See the Girls dancing with the Nickel Slots

and singing ON STAGE with the amazing Ericka Davis of Woodland's Kiss N' Tell

@ Thursday Night Live! at the Heritage Plaza

Hosted by Historic Downtown Woodland Group

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Yolo YoYo's Episode #2 - Touch-a-Truck - September 22, 2019

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Touch‐A‐Truck is an educational community event that provides children a hands‐on opportunity to see and touch heavy machinery and meet the people who operate it.

Touch‐A‐Truck 2019 was located at the outside of Woodland Public Library. Trucks and official vehicles from all over town were there to visit with kids and their families. The Yolo YoYo's visited, touched and played on tractors, a double decker bus, fire truck, garbage truck, an armored car, oil truck, crane, ambulance, police car (including a real-live chase scene!), wore a bullet-proof vest and much more!

In The Studio - Make It Happen for Yolo County

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Rachel Simons hosts Jan Judson, Board President, and Vance Dokes, Youth Representative, of Make It Happen Yolo County.

topics discussed include: mission, what they do, difficulties faced by youth transitioning out of the foster care system, how to donate household items and furniture to former foster care and transition age youth in Yolo County.

Recorded 04/18/19.

In The Studio - Insights for Parents

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Lin Weaver hosts Dr. Anne Dunlea, Developmental Scientist.

topics discussed include: how parents communicate and connect with their kids, how kids communicate when they're young, the value of disconnecting from technology (e.g. phones and computers), importance of having conversations with your kids when they're young, "Educate yourself about child development," what Anne does in her practice.

In The Studio - Behind the Scenes of the Davis AYSO

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Ron Clement hosts Jen Boschee-Danzer, Regional Commission, Richard Temple, Program Coordinator, and Scott Brayton, Coach of the Davis American Youth Soccer Organization.

Topics discussed include:

All volunteer driven organization, VIP program for special needs people and the new competitive program begining this fall.