Lellingby Boyce

Lellingby Boyce, a longtime resident of Davis, CA, is also a singer and performer.  This collection contains a few of her captured performances and appearances.

PSA Day 2015

These PSAs were produced as part of DMA's 2015 PSA Day. Each one showcases a community non-profit. They will rotate through the air on DCTV for a year before being retired. 

Race and Social Justice

This collection primarily focuses on the Race and Social Justice Class at the Davis Senior High School.  

However, local content related to the subject matter of the class is also included in this collection for the benefit of our viewers. 

Sophia Yin's Videos

Videos produced by Sophia Yin.

From original tape V120-1938 (Box D22), CablecastID 4235. Learning to Understand the Horse: A Month at Reis Ranch & 5 other Animal Shorts.

From the dog who's secretly strolling on the counters while the owner is gone, to the chicken that's learned to run an obstacle course, these short works will give some insight on the behavior of animals.

The videos have been separated in this collection.

Street Talk

Find out what Davis residents are thinking about various topics.  These episodes are put together by DCTV volunteers and serve as a learning tool for field production and basic editing skills.  Most episodes are filmed at the Davis Farmers' Market.

TechnoCult Radio

TechnoCult Radio is the original program series created by the students of UC Davis TCS 112 in the Fall Quarter of 2012.  This video collection represents any visual media produced by the TechnoCult Radio students.


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