Egyptian Updates

This collection of shows produced by Kirk Lewis, as part of In The Studio and independently, feature the topic of the Egyptian Revolution and are hosted by Hamza El-Nahkal, Professor Emeritus of UC Davis.

Lellingby Boyce

Lellingby Boyce, a longtime resident of Davis, CA, is also a singer and performer.  This collection contains a few of her captured performances and appearances.

PSA Day 2015

These PSAs were produced as part of DMA's 2015 PSA Day. Each one showcases a community non-profit. They will rotate through the air on DCTV for a year before being retired. 

Race and Social Justice

This collection primarily focuses on the Race and Social Justice Class at the Davis Senior High School.  

However, local content related to the subject matter of the class is also included in this collection for the benefit of our viewers. 


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