Green Card Voices

Launched in 2013, Green Card Voices’ mission is to share various stories of our nation’s 40 million immigrants and put a human face to the current immigration debate. Simply, we hope to introduce immigrants to their neighbors.

Our organization focuses not only on capturing individual stories, but also on demonstrating the incredible breadth of the immigrant population. We want to show that immigrants work on our farms, serve our food, teach our children, create our technologies, and start our Fortune 500 companies.

Holiday Cartoon Shorts

A selection of Public Domain cartoons, some of which might contain humor offensive to the viewer, given that these are very old.  Some of the cartoons have been edited to remove outright racist depictions, jokes, etc., however, some offensive content might remain. As humor is subjective, viewer discretion is advised. 

In the current era these are here as much for their educational value (art of cartooning, historical context, etc.) as they might be for entertainment (corny though they may be).

In The Studio - 2019

Shows from the 2019 season of In The Studio.

Shows are produced by both staff and volunteers under the supervision of Davis Media Access staff.

In The Studio profiles various non-profits, individuals, and events from the Davis Community.