Annual Bodil Wennberg Music Festival

Bodil Wennberg was an inspirational music teacher in Davis, where she lived with her husband Richard and her children Robin and John.  Bodil was active in music programs in the public schools, university and community, and a member of the Camellia Symphony for 17 years.

Born in Odense, Denmark in 1939, Bodil graduated in nursing from the Copenhagen University Hospital in 1961 and immigrated to the United States the following year.  She discovered the cello in her late 20's and quickly became recognized for her special ability to nuture a love of music and to instill a joy in expressing it on the cello.  For Bodil, performing music was an experession of life and a vehicle for communication among friends, and she regularly coached junior and senior high students in chamber music groups.

Bodil died too early, in 1994.  The bequest of her cello to the Davis Schools music program launched the Wennberg Foundation, later incorporated into DSOMA, which supports the Davis schools orchestral program and the annual Bodil Wennberg Music Festival to this day.