The Connie Bryan Show

Stand Up Comedy, Guest Interviews, Musical Parodies & Comedy Sketches. Based out of Sacramento, Connie is now bringing her show to Davis, CA.


The Connie Bryan Show - Feb'20

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Connie delves into the ongoing large scale use of ROUNDUP being sprayed in large quantity to kill aquatic plants in "The Delta", a water source for 25 million Californians...followed by Connie's oped on both the Repub Trump "cult" AND the "cult" within the Democratic Party, followed by Connie's performance of an iconic hit from the group "Chicago"

The Connie Bryan Show - Jan'20 - Deep State 911

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On this the January 2020 episode, Connie Bryan kicks off the New Year with a bang by delving into the evidence in the originally redacted "28 pages" of the Joint Congressional Committee's investigation into 9/11, finally unclassified by Obama a year before leaving office, that shows the Saudi Government financed the attacks.

The Connie Bryan Show - Dec'12 - Santa Comes to Town

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On this December 2019 holiday edition of "The Connie Bryan Show", Connie's blockbuster guest is SANTA CLAUSE himself, who shares his thoughts on several current social and political issues, and ultimately ties it all in to the REAL meaning of Christmas...This holiday edition also features 2 of Connie's musical performances, "Santa Clause is Coming to Town" and "Blue Christmas".

The Connie Bryan Show - Nov'19

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The November 2019 episode of "The Connie Bryan Show" features Connie's impersonation of Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren...After a recent poll shows that faced with a choice between Warren and Trump, most moderate Dems and Repubs would rather have a painful dental procedure on election day than turn out to the polls to vote for her, Sen.

The Connie Bryan Show - Sep'19

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Comedian Connie Bryan's late night show featuring fun and provocative discussion on politics and current events...On this episode Connie and her guest showcase the facts and breakdown the obvious need to impeach Trump (with a little help from "Elmo" of Sesame street) and with emphasis once again on the details Special Prosecutor Mueller laid out in his recent testimony before Congress.

The Connie Bryan Show - Aug'19

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Comedian Connie Bryan's traditional late night talk show...On this August episode, Connie features her latest impersonation of SNL's "Wayne Campbell" in her timely "WAYNE'S WORLD" sketch. Joined by comedian Charlie Wilder impersonating "Garth", the lovable duo have decided they have the 'dumbed down mojo' that it takes to take down Trump and SAVE the country!...Followed by a topical guest segment with Alex Silva-Sadder, as Connie and Alex present a factual, hard hitting synopsis of the Mueller testimony before Congress.