The Connie Bryan Show

Stand Up Comedy, Guest Interviews, Musical Parodies & Comedy Sketches. Based out of Sacramento, Connie is now bringing her show to Davis, CA.


The Connie Bryan Show - Jul'20 - Pt1

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In this PART ONE of a two part series, Connie Bryan interviews Dr. Judy Mikovits, molecular biologist and critically acclaimed author of the New York Times best selling "Plague of Corruption"...Connie and Dr. Mikovits discuss Covid-19 in depth, and specifically how it relates to what the pathetic mainstream media is NOT telling you about the massive fraud and corruption that is widespread in 'Big Pharma' and the medical industrial complex, especially with regard to the dangers associated with vaccines.

The Connie Bryan Show - Jun'20

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Strong opening studio segment in which Connie hammers the "We the SHEEPLE" conformist segment of our population who are willing to give up more and more of our freedom and independence for government and corporate protection from any and all risk in life, contrasting those 'sheeple' to our Grandparents and Great Grandparents who would shame them for their sheeplike behavior if they were here today...Followed by Connie's live and provocative interviews with Americans who attended the recent "FREEDOM FEST" event at the California State Capitol.

The Connie Bryan Show - Apr'20

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Opens with Connie's remembering "SUNDAY SCHOOL" in her recent standup set at Sacramento's "Comedy Spot"...She exposes the very sick, false concept of "God" people have been wrongly conditioned with since childhood by the dishonest 'media' of the Bible and the 'Church'...Then Connie 'FLATTENS the HYPE' on the REALITY SHOW MEDIA of today, and the unnecessary, exaggerated level of fear and hysteria they have created around the Corona virus, primarily for ratings and political reasons.

The Connie Bryan Show - Feb'20

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Connie delves into the ongoing large scale use of ROUNDUP being sprayed in large quantity to kill aquatic plants in "The Delta", a water source for 25 million Californians...followed by Connie's oped on both the Repub Trump "cult" AND the "cult" within the Democratic Party, followed by Connie's performance of an iconic hit from the group "Chicago"

The Connie Bryan Show - Jan'20 - Deep State 911

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On this the January 2020 episode, Connie Bryan kicks off the New Year with a bang by delving into the evidence in the originally redacted "28 pages" of the Joint Congressional Committee's investigation into 9/11, finally unclassified by Obama a year before leaving office, that shows the Saudi Government financed the attacks.

The Connie Bryan Show - Dec'12 - Santa Comes to Town

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On this December 2019 holiday edition of "The Connie Bryan Show", Connie's blockbuster guest is SANTA CLAUSE himself, who shares his thoughts on several current social and political issues, and ultimately ties it all in to the REAL meaning of Christmas...This holiday edition also features 2 of Connie's musical performances, "Santa Clause is Coming to Town" and "Blue Christmas".

The Connie Bryan Show - Nov'19

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The November 2019 episode of "The Connie Bryan Show" features Connie's impersonation of Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren...After a recent poll shows that faced with a choice between Warren and Trump, most moderate Dems and Repubs would rather have a painful dental procedure on election day than turn out to the polls to vote for her, Sen.