Davisville June 22, 2020 - with Jumana Esau, University Medal Winner

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Each year, UC Davis chooses a graduating senior to receive its University Medal—effectively, the top student from a class that includes many thousands of accomplished students. Today we talk with 2020 medalist Jumana Esau, who grew up in the Bay Area and Jordan, about the award, why she studies climate fiction, the value of her English degree, her work for refugees, the practical power of a good story, and what she’ll take with her from Davis when she leaves.

Davisville June 8, 2020 with Gloria Partida, the next Mayor of Davis

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2020 is an eventful year, and Gloria Partida is about to become mayor of Davis right in the middle of it, in July. She appears on Davisville today as she gets ready to begin her term, and the subjects include the killing of George Floyd in police custody, the difficulty people have talking honestly about racism, and the pandemic, plus the latest Davis development questions, and the job itself.


Davisville May 25, 2020 with Steve Boschken, Davis Real Estate and Mortgage Broker

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We're about three months into the Covid-19 pandemic, and today Steve Boschken, a Davis real estate and mortgage broker, returns to Davisville to talk about the effects on Davis rents and housing so far. The subjects include lease renewals among students, the uncertainty of in-person classes at UC Davis this fall, where Davis stood before the pandemic hit, the rise in unemployment, prices, and how conditions in Davis differ from other parts of the region.

Davisville April 13, 2020 with Davis Enterprise Columnist Wendy Weitzel

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Davisville - April 13, 2020 - with Davis Enterprise Columnist Wendy Weitzel

Video by Bryce Parker based on Bill Buchannan's radio show Davisville.

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