Deep Dish TV

Deep Dish TV is the first national satellite network linking local access producers and programmers, independent video makers, activists, and other individuals who support the idea and reality of a progressive television network.

While commercial networks present a homogeneous and one-dimensional view of society, Deep Dish TV thrives on diversity. Instead of television that encourages passivity, deep dish distributes creative programming that educates and activates.

Deep Dish TV programs are shown on over 200 cable systems around the country, as well as selected public television stations, and received by thousands of satellite dish viewers nationwide. They are also used by teachers and community groups for group screenings and discussion.

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Getting A Grip On Access

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This program shows community television producers and public access centers in cities and towns throughout America. People of various ethnic, racial, socioeconomic and geographic backgrounds, highly skilled producers and those who have never had their hands on equipment, all go to make up the public access community. Whether assembled in million dollar studios or in portable trailers, these profiles demonstrate the significance of community made media. Produced by Diana Agosta, Andrew Blau, and David Shulman (NY NY)

Deep Dish TV: Unbalancing the News - Cops and Camcorders

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Unbalancing the News looks at the work of citizen activists who use community television to challenge the mainstream news enterprise. What is ""newsworthy"" and who decides? It also looks at how this concept is changing as community television producers redefine the ""news"" as a practical means for social critique.

Cops and Camcorders

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