Disc Golf Live

Disc Golf Live is a magazine-style program covering all aspects of the popular sport of "frisbee" or disc golf.

Topics include tournament coverage, player profiles, course tours, throwing techniques, even the occasional music video. DGL mixes in-house produced segments with pieces submitted by disc golfers across the country, bringing the full scope of this lifetime sport to viewers.

As a low-cost and environmentally friendly alternative to its more famous cousin, disc golf is popular with the younger crowd as well as older folks looking for a great way to enjoy some leisure time outdoors.

Disc Golf Live is one of the unique programs operating in the PEG sphere. To start, disc golf is a great spin on a traditional game, with a broad player base across the country, a great opportunity to focus on a healthy, green alternative, certain to provoke a few folks to get out and get some exercise. DGL is a unique format in that we produce our own material and include viewer-submitted segments as well.


Disc Golf Live - As Seen On TV

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We’re calling our 37th episode “As Seen on TV” as we take a look back at some tales from a few years ago. The show kicks off with a tutorial from North Carolina’s Brian Schweberger on throwing the overhand thumber. Next, the ’07 Great Lakes Open takes center stage as we follow final round action on the fabled Toboggan course. Finally, a couple of our stories from the ’07 United States Disc Golf Championship round out the episode.

Disc Golf Live - North and South

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This episode, titled “North and South,” is centered in the Carolinas, with a side-trip to Georgia along the way. From Raleigh comes Kris Henseler’s piece on the North Carolina Flying Disc Championships, and from Rock Hill comes a sampling of Billy Crump’s Clash @ Winthrop Gold DVD. And Johnny B checks in with a tale highlighting the third and latest course at the International Disc Golf Center in Georgia. Book-ending these goodies is our own coverage of the putting finals at the ‘08 United States Disc Golf Championship.

Disc Golf Live - Gold Flinger

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The stories in our 38th episode range from top tournaments to far-away grassroots efforts at growing our game. On the Am side, we’ve got a couple pieces from the 2010 U.S. Amateur Championship on Michigan’s Toboggan course. From the Pro side, we’ve got action from the just-completed 2010 U.S. Championship, from South Carolina, highlighted by a final-round Ace. From the folks at the ClashDVD Series, we’ve got action from Blue Ribbon Pines DGC in Minnesota, where four great players square off in a doubles match.

Disc Golf Live - Memorial Masters

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Episode 28 starts with Derek Kotval’s piece on the ’08 Masters Cup. We also sample a bit of the ’08 Vibram Open DVD put out by Steve Dodge. And our own coverage of the ’08 CCR Open rounds things out. Along the way, there’s a disc golf themed music video from Todd Lewis and RootStand, plus an ace submitted by Joe Todd.

Disc Golf Live - Best of Europe

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Our 39th episode kicks off with our own coverage of the 2010 Presidents Cup, an international affair featuring a team of European players gunning to upset an American dream team. We also swing over to Oregon to take in some scenes from Portland's Rose City Open, courtesy of Steve Yang. The Guardians of Recreation chip in with their latest offering, which addresses the Zen of disc golf. And finally, we visit far away Finland for a bit of the action from the Tali Open, created by Juha Alkkiomaki and the Scandinavian Video Mafia.

Disc Golf Live - Child's Play

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This show begins with a look at action from the ’08 Vibram Open, featuring the production skills of Steve Dodge. Next, our pals the Guardians of Recreation offer up a scenic piece called High Desert Disgolf, then its off to Hornet’s Nest in Charlotte, NC for some of the action from last summer’s US Doubles competition put together by Mike Bozik and Billy Crump. To wrap-up, we’ve got the prime cuts from the youth divisions at last year’s world championships.

Disc Golf Live - Its A Wrap

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We call this show “It’s a Wrap” since the episode concludes coverage from several events we’ve featured recently: South Carolina plays host to final round play at the President’s Cup, Michigan is the setting for the US Amateur National Championship, and Helsinki, Finland, is the locale for final round play at the Tali Open. And a couple of long-standing supporters pitch in, as well: From the Clash DVD Series, we get some action from the Collegiate Championships, while Steve Dodge kicks in a couple of musical selections from the 2010 Vibram Open DVD.

Disc Golf Live - United States Championship

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This episode features exclusive footage of the '08 United States Disc Golf Championship, the most complete coverage available of the most coveted title in disc golf. All the best disc golfers turn out for this event and the course is a unique challenge. DGL #30 includes three segments on the USDGC. Part one is a review of top finishers through round one, when we taped every player in the field on two great holes.

Disc Golf Live - Parking Break Required

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This episode kicks off with action from the first round of the 2010 USDGC, as the history and future of the event are discussed and players tackle the starting hole. We then visit a re-purposed ball golf course in Florida called Pine Oaks as Billy Crump and Nate Doss make the call in a Clash doubles event. We head back to Winthrop Gold for second round action at the USDGC, as players negotiate the watery fifth and sixth holes. To round things out, we head up to Massachusetts as Steve Dodge brings us up to speed on the action at last year’s Vibram Open.