Disc Golf Live

Disc Golf Live is a magazine-style program covering all aspects of the popular sport of "frisbee" or disc golf.

Topics include tournament coverage, player profiles, course tours, throwing techniques, even the occasional music video. DGL mixes in-house produced segments with pieces submitted by disc golfers across the country, bringing the full scope of this lifetime sport to viewers.

As a low-cost and environmentally friendly alternative to its more famous cousin, disc golf is popular with the younger crowd as well as older folks looking for a great way to enjoy some leisure time outdoors.

Disc Golf Live is one of the unique programs operating in the PEG sphere. To start, disc golf is a great spin on a traditional game, with a broad player base across the country, a great opportunity to focus on a healthy, green alternative, certain to provoke a few folks to get out and get some exercise. DGL is a unique format in that we produce our own material and include viewer-submitted segments as well.


Disc Golf Live - Somebody Has To Win

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This episode begins with a slice of the early action from the final round of the 2010 USDGC. Nate Sexton’s ace on the seventh is just one of many highlights. Next, the Player’s Cup takes center stage as Billy Crump and Liz Carr make the call from this match-play event. Then it’s back to Rock Hill, SC and the Winthrop Gold course for the conclusion of the USDGC. Rounding things out is multiple Emmy Award winning producer Derek Hastings’ take on the Vibram Open.

Disc Golf Live - Way Back Machine

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Titled “Way Back Machine,” episode 32 features a trio of treats and some disc golf time-travel. Footage from the ‘97 Great Lakes Open is the foundation for our story of how time has impacted a series of holes over 12 years. We also get to view some great players still on the circuit, along with some long-gone heroes, including world distance record holder Scott Stokely. Checking in from the Tupelo Bay Open are Mike Bozik and Billy Crump. And from Discraft’s Pro Clinic series comes a piece featuring long-throwing Marty Peters called More Distance…Now!

Disc Golf Live - Top Flight Tips

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Episode 43 brings together in one episode a variety of how-to segments created over the 7 years DGL has been in production. To start the first half of the show, Michael Raley provides a primer on the basic backhand drive, and Phil Arthur offers up tips on ambidextrous throwing. Next, Chris Sprague shares his thoughts on the proper swing plane, and Brian Schweberger rounds things out with a discussion of the overhand throw.

Disc Golf Live - Clubbing

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This episode celebrates disc golf clubs and their role in growing the sport. Using footage from Abe Arenas, we take a look at how the Fox Valley Metro Disc Golf Club in Illinois came about, and enjoy some footage of their Jericho Lake Ice Bowl as well. We get a look at a new two-course complex in Michigan brought about through the efforts of the Local 101 Disc Golf Player’s Union as we follow the action at their Loco IV tournament. (The battle for the title comes down to the last hole.) Spicing things up, we also have a fresh ace from Louisiana, provided by Joe Todd.

Disc Golf Live - Dial M for Disc Golf

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We titled this one “Dial M for Disc Golf” to acknowledge the four featured locations: Michigan, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Missouri. We start with our own piece from the mitten, as we explore a festive game locals call Dirty Dollars. (You’ll like the sweet ace we caught!). We shift to New Bethel, Minnesota for a battle between experience and youth as we take in a bit of Billy Crump’s latest Clash DVD, featuring the Blue Ribbon Pines course. Heading East, Steve Dodge out in Leicester, MA, checks in with a fitting homage to Barry Schultz’ winning play at the ’09 Vibram Open.

Disc Golf Live - DGL Birdie Festival

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The 35th episode of Disc Golf Live video magazine starts out in Southeastern Michigan as regional and national touring players vie for the title at the Great Lakes Open. Our focus then shifts to the national tour and the twin cities area as we take in the Final Nine at the Minnesota Majestic, as well as some old-school freestyle action, both pieces courtesy of Chuck Kennedy. Finally, we trek to South Carolina to view the all-birdies Honor Roll from the international field at the United States Disc Golf Championship.

Disc Golf Live - A Look Back II

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Marking four years of bringing Disc Golf to TV stations across the country, our 25th show recaps some highlights from our earlier episodes. The show includes a look at southpaw Scott Martin as he wins his only National Tour event before retirement. We also take a look at a game called Wolf, tour a Traverse City, MI course called Hickory Hills, and enjoy some of the antics at No Foolin’ in Ann Arbor.

Disc Golf Live - Winthrop Gold

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Episode 36 features the 2009 United States Disc Golf Championship, from Rock Hill, SC. We’ve got three tales from the demanding Winthrop Gold course, starting with a look at how players are tackling the ever-evolving fourth hole. We follow that up with an early round summary, and finish with a look at the final round, including coverage of the top cards on some pivotal holes. And for those of us who miss the fairway now and then, we check in with Mike Randolph as he offers up a few techniques for helping folks get out of trouble.

Disc Golf Live - As Seen On TV

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We’re calling our 37th episode “As Seen on TV” as we take a look back at some tales from a few years ago. The show kicks off with a tutorial from North Carolina’s Brian Schweberger on throwing the overhand thumber. Next, the ’07 Great Lakes Open takes center stage as we follow final round action on the fabled Toboggan course. Finally, a couple of our stories from the ’07 United States Disc Golf Championship round out the episode.