Freespeech, Cable and Telecom Companies, and the Internet

There is always a lot going on that threatens, sometimes in subtle ways, either your rights or your ability to exercise them.  In this interconnected age, we are also seeing in greater detail how other governments deal with the same rights we take for granted here in the US.  From communications access to freedom of speech keeping abreast of these issues isn't always easy, but failure to speak out about whatever concerns you will only lead to further erosion of the core freedoms this nation was founded on. So in that vein...

Here are some recent interesting articles that highlight some of these issues.  Read them, think about them, and then let your community, companies you do business with, and your government representatives know how you feel.  Speak out or be gradually silenced. It is your choice.

Davis Media Access is here to help you get your thoughts out there, whether on these issues or any others that concern you.  We'll be posting more links to help you stay informed but what you should do is come on down and make your own media, get your own word out, and help make your community and world the place you want it to be.

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The articles:

Boston seeks to regain control over basic cable rates

Internet censorship bill raises issues:

Is AT&T buying T-Mobile a good thing?

How does the world's largest democracy treat freespeech?