Green Positive Nanny Show

Host Munni Irone dispenses advice, tips and tricks for a healthy, green positive life at any age.

Welcome to The Green Positive Nanny Show! Our show centers upon improving the lives of people emotionally, mentally, and physically through green, positive, natural, and holistic methods.  Our host Munni Irone has had over 30 years of experience of changing lives through natural strategies. Munni Irone is an accomplished business woman having served as Executive Director and Owner at Vocational School in California. Additionally, she is an accomplished author publishing several books and articles that focus on life-coaching, cosmetology education, and business management. Furthermore, Munni Irone is a humanitarian, global activist, philanthropist, adviser, and educator with a deep love for people. Munni Irone uses her expertise and knowledge to impact the public through life-coaching. Our show covers a wide-range of subject matter including healthy eats, weight management, diet, exercise, cosmetic care, social issues, political activism, wellness, individual well-being, and much more. Our show features interviews with real people, expert researchers, and local communities hosted by Munni Irone who shares her green and positive ways to a more rewarding life. Munni Irone wants to inspire you to be green and positive in all aspects of your life!

Munni Irone, Host and Producer