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The White Bag

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What is hidden in “The White Bag” could destroy the planet.

Can our hero, Dick Jordan, “Ace of Spies,” find it before who do nothing but evil wrap their satanic hands around it? Or will the forces of darkness prevail and the Earth become a lightless void in the galaxy?

Watch this amusing spoof on black-and-white film noir and spy movies of the mid-20th century to find out!

The Poisoned Cup

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A original Shakespearean-style drama of intrigue, love, and betrayal. A kind old king is dying, and his ambitious young bride is set to rule, but the king's Prime Minister schemes to keep her from the throne.

Rethink Afghanistan

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Filmmaker Robert Greenwald (Outfoxed) carefully examines the war in Afghanistan, raising challenging questions about the destabilization of Pakistan, U.S. troop escalation, ballooning military costs, civilian casualties and much more. Through fascinating interviews with Afghans, veterans, reporters, ex-CIA agents and foreign-policy experts, Greenwald's incisive documentary urges an immediate de-escalation of the conflict.

What's at Stake? Net Neutrality

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America’s access to a fair and open Internet is under attack as Trump’s FCC challenges existing Net Neutrality rules.

This 58-minute special hosted by Laura Flanders discusses the major risks of rolling back net neutrality rules and how people can voice their opinions on this important issue. Weighing in on the topic are panelists Brandi Collins of Color of Change; law professor Tim Wu, Craig Aaron of Free Press; and Gigi Sohn, former Counselor to the FCC Chairman and Open Society Fellow.

We The People... The US Constitution and You

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"We The People... The U.S. Constitution and You"

including a segement on unique treatment of Native Americans within our Constitution explained by the only enrolled tribal member in the US Congress, Congressman Tom Cole.

This video features Caroline Kennedy and John Garamendi. It helps students understand their particular access points to our democracy through the Member of Congress constitutionally elected to represent them. 

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