Voter education programming, partnerships

Monday, May 12, 2014 - 2:15pm

DMA’s commitment to non-partisan, voter education programming and local election coverage is well known in these parts, and right now, election season is in full swing. With ‘Meet the Candidates,” pro-con statements for local ballot measures, and several forums airing on DCTV Channel 15 on Comcast and available online, we’re working with other community organizations on the next set of forums, andplanning for election night with returning hosts Andrea Jones and Lea Rosenberg.

This election season, DMA has been partnering with Voterprep,  a non-partisan web application that helps voters easily make  better-informed decisions. Voterprep does this by publishing candidates' viewpoints on important election issues. Nonpartisan election moderators choose the issues and review viewpoints for publication to the site.  Voterprep is an online election forum in which users can be active – they participate by making suggestions and comments and keeping notes.  

According to one of its developers, Bob Fung, “our overall aim with Voterprep is to raise the level of civil discourse and thereby strengthen democratic processes at all levels - local, state, and national - in the US and eventually internationally.  Our plan is to start locally in Davis and to progressively widen our reach.”  Those are goals DMA shares, certainly here in Yolo County! Visit them at