Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead

"Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead" follows the lives of a group of friends trying to survive the uprising of the Living Dead in NYC, confronting the monsters themselves while the government denies the truth, and the apathetic populace tries to ignore the problem (until it's too late). The show is less about the Zombies themselves, but how people in this world react to the crisis, and how they ultimately turn on one another. It's important to note that this series' initial broadcast marks it as the first Zombie-based TV series ever to be broadcast, and pre-dates AMC's "The Walking Dead" by three years. It is only now being recognized as the precursor to the series model of this type of survival-horror show.

"Zombie Hunters" has won numerous horror awards, and the cast and crew regularly appear at conventions in the Northeast. The series is 100% independently produced, with no major studio or network backing at all. Reviewers regularly refer to it as "the best-produced public-access show in NYC history".

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Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead

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In the pilot episode of the show, we start off by seeing a young couple who've lost their way through a series of ill-fated detours. At a dead-end, they come face-to-face with the horror that the government and the media have been trying to keep from the us all: the living dead plague that has begun to sweep across the East Coast. They lock themselves in their car and are quickly surrounded. That is, of course.......until the Zombie Hunters arrive!