The Launch of KWDC-LP

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Jeff travels down to witness the launch of KWDC-LP, a new low power radio station serving Stockton, CA.

In The Studio - Street Gangs

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Lin Weaver hosts Rob Strange, Chief Investigator, Yolo Co. DA Office, Sargeant Aaron Delao, Gang Task Force, Woodland PD, and Aaron Moe, Investigator, Yolo Co. DA Office.


topics discussed include: the spread of gangs in yolo county, where they are and the crimes they commit, most common identifying signs, color & tattoos, what local law enforcement & community is doing to curb gangs, can members leave their gangs & has society failed these individuals.

Recorded 07/30/15.

Artist's Connection - Performance

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This episode's discussion on Performance features insights and performances by Kevin Radley, Kat Austin, and Danny White.

In The Studio - Humankind: Big Questions, Big Answers

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Lin Weaver hosts Alexander Harcourt, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, UC Davis, and author.


topics discussed include: his recent book "Humankind: How Biology & Geography Shape Human Diversity," why is humankind so diverse, is diversity necessary for survival, how long will humankind be on Earth, using genetics, linguistics, and geography to track homo sapiens.

Recorded 07/30/15.

KidsVid 2015 Radio Show

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Each year, kids from the KidsVid Video Camp, participate in a radio show as part of their exposure to various forms of media production.

This is the July 2015 show.

Artist's Connection - Songwriting

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This episode's discussion on songwriting features insights and performances by Mikel Paul, Steve Kahn, and Cedar Seeger. 

In The Studio - Repurposing with TOREMA

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Jeff Shaw hosts Larry Fisher, Inventor, Master Recycler, Cool Davis Eco-Hero.


topics discussed include: needs in 3rd world countries vs. wastage in 1st world countries, how Larry came up with the concept of TOREMA-Totally Recycled Materials, the waste stream in Yolo County, how items thrown out can be reused to create other items.

In The Studio - Justice For All

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Lin Weaver hosts Steven C. Sabbadini, Attorney at Law.


topics discussed include: what it is to be a criminal defense lawyer, negative public perception, their valuable role and who the defendants are.  

In The Studio - Steve Rosenfield- "What I Be Project"

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Joselyn Lua hosts Steve Rosenfield, photographer and creator of "What I Be Project."


Social media: facebook.com/SteveRosenfield/Photography   twitter.com/sjrosenfield                        instagram.com/sjrosenfield_photography

In The Studio - Driving The Music

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Eunah Cho hosts Jonathan Spatola-Knoll, Graduate Student in Music, UC Davis.

To sign up for the summer symphony, contact:

jdspatolaknoll at ucdavis dot edu

topics discussed include: summer symphony, roles & responsibilities of a conductor, nurturing musicians of all levels.


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