Meet The Producers - The Goblin Song

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Today we profile DaVinci High graduate Nora Unkel and her NYU Tisch School of the Arts senior thesis film project, The Goblin Song.  It is being filmed locally utilizing lots of local resources and volunteers. We also speak with Bonnie Wolstoncraft, Nora's mother who is serving as the local Production Coordinator here in Davis.

There is an active crowdfunding campaign at:

Town Hall Meeting with John Garamendi

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Recorded February 8, 2014 by Davis Media Access at the City of Davis Community Chambers

SCRAMBLED! - 501 Brick Squad String Band

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Nora and Chris host the 501 Brick Squad String Band as they make their television debut.  The band drops three exclusive singles here at the studio and share their inspiration for their music.

In The Studio - Logos Books

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Lin Weaver hosts Susan Linz, owner Logos Books.

Topics discussed include: the concept behind Logos Books as a non-profit, the history of Logos Books, the charities supported by donations from its operations, and Logos serving as a cultural center for the community.


In The Studio - Birding with Terry Colburn

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Lin Weaver hosts Terry Colburn, Birding Expert.

Topics discussed include: events sponsored by the Yolo Basin Foundation, Terry's guided tours and fields trips, as well as photos and video clips.


What's Going On? - Robb Davis

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Jon Li speaks again with Robb Davis, candidate for the Davis City Council.


In The Studio - Climb Every Mountain

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Lin Weaver hosts Tim Townsend, a Davis Resident who has climbed every highest mountain in the United States.

Topics discussed: How Tim successfully climbed the highest peak of every mountain in the State of the Union, including Denali's Mount McKinley. Tim also talks about his mountaineering technique, passion and future endeavors . Photos will be shown during the interview.

In The Studio - Linux Users Group of Davis (LUGOD)

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Darrick Servis hosts Brian Lavender, member, Bill Kendrick, co-founder, John Reed, vice president, and Eric Engelhard, member, all of the Linux Users Group of Davis (LUGOD).


topics discussed include: celebrating 15 years, open source software, members backgrounds, and LUGOD's origin and purpose.

KDVS Live In Studio A - Blue Oaks

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Blue Oaks

Parent University 2013-14 - Mike Riera

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Davis Parent University presents 'An Evening with Mike Riera, PhD.'

Moderated by Pamela Wu, recorded on December 6th, Brunelle Theatre, Davis High School.

Mike's latest book "Staying Connected To Your Teen" is a follow up to "Uncommon Sense For Parents With Teenagers." Mike's philosophy is, "parents need to shift from being managers, to being consultants with their teens."


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