My Life in Poway

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This video is about My Life in Poway & Davis, CA starting with my preschool years at the Rancho Bernardo Community Presbyterian Church preschool in 1993. My recent college classes and time in Davis have been focused on videography (video camera operation and film editing) with my support team of family members, support facilitators with Community & Employment Services, my primary professor at Cosumnes River College in Sacramento, CA and the staff at Davis Media Access.

Davis: City of Cooperatives

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Back when DCTV was the Davis Community Cable Cooperative, this documentary was made about co-ops in the city of Davis.


Dos Piños, the Blue Mango, The Golden One, the Davis Food Co-op, the Davis Parent Nursery School, the Artery, the Wool Scouring Co-op, the Capitol City Cab Co-op, REI (Recreational Equipment Incorporated), and the Davis Community Cable Cooperative (est. 1981).

Carol Shearly, Ann Evans, David Thompson, Roger Salquist,  Judy Corben, Phil Gross, Dave Bloch, Lori Aldrete, and Stewart Kohl.

with the Napa Valley Balloon Company.

3 Shots from Whiskey Before Breakfast

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Bill Wagman brought in an old tape and Lo and Behold - Magic!

3 songs (plus partial) by the group

Whiskey Before Breakfast

featuring Bill Wagman, Steve Szydbel, Andy Alexis, Brian Ogihara, and Jamie Evans.

Recorded 10/10/1985 in the newly formed Davis Community Cable Cooperative Studios, which later  became Davis Community Television and eventually Davis Media Access.

Producer and Audio: Keith Cary

Directed by Brian Glenn

Cameras: Keith Cary, Jamal Killou, Jan Parker, and Robert Schuk

In The Studio - ESTEME

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Emily Merten hosts Elyse Towns, Doug Gettel, and Samantha Feng, Co-leads of ESTEME.


topics discussed include: Equity in STEM and Entrepreneurship (ESTEME), the organization's role in promoting equity in their fields, equity, self-esteem, ESTEME events, STEM fields, and grad school influences on future STEM members.

Recorded: 05/19/16