In The Studio - Surviving The Holiday Eating Frenzy

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Lin Weaver hosts Lizette Rodriquez, Masters Student in Nutritional Biology at UC Davis.

eatright.org  choosemyplate.gov

Topics discussed include: Tips on how to avoid overeating, especially during the holidays, and how to maintain a balanced diet throughout the year.

Recorded 11/20/14

In The Studio - The Art Theater of Davis

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Lin Weaver hosts Tim Nutter, Artistic Director, The Art Theater of Davis, and Actors Lisa Halko and Sara Matsui.


Topics discussed include: The venue, their ambitious repertoire, their original translations and their philosophical approach to theater.

Recorded 11/20/14


In The Studio - Alternative Veterinarian Medicine

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Diane Crumley hosts Dr. Madeline Yamate, Veterinarian and Jill Quan, Practice Manager.


Topics discussed: Veterinary practices utilizing traditional Chinese medicine, common conditions that are treated with this alternative approach, acupuncture treatments and a demonstration of acupuncture on an Australian sheep dog

Recorded: 11/13/14

In The Studio - Diabetes Health

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Lin Weaver hosts Bridget Levich, Director of Health Management & Education, UCD Health System, and Kristina McCoy, Senior Community Health Program Representative. 


Topics discussed include: Risk factors, lifestyle, detection and management.

Recorded: 11/12/14

Live Election Coverage Fall 2014

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Live coverage of the local elections in Davis, CA for Nov.4th, 2014.

Hosted by Richard Harris and Anna Ferrera.

Guests included:
Chuck Rairdan
Jose Granda
Madhavi Sunder
Charlie Schaupp
Alan Fernandes
Michael Nolan
Bob Poppenga
Barbara Archer
Bill Dodd
Tom Adams
Sheila Allen
Susan Lovenburg

In The Studio - Suicide Prevention

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Lin Weaver hosts Sandra Sinz, Clinical Supervisor, and Ting Ting Lee, Crisis Line Program Director, of Yolo County Suicide Prevention and Crisis Services, a non-profit based in Davis, Woodland and West Sacramento.
Produced on: 10-16-14 by Eunah Cho.

In The Studio - Performer Ken Teel

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Lin Weaver hosts Ken Teel, musician (AKA Tofu Teel) He performs live songs in our studio and talks about himself and his art.

Songs performed: One More Morning, Father, Lady, Love Comes Tappin, Motorcycle, and The Dancer.

In The Studio - Citrus Circuits Robotics Team

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Alex Silva hosts Elise Wong, Captain, Michael Corsetto, Assistant Coach and Mentor, and Brycen Wershing, Electrical Team Lead, all of the Davis Schools Robotics Team aka Citrus Circuits Robotics Team.


In The Studio - Voterprep.org

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Lin Weaver hosts Bob Fung, Founder of Voterprep.org, a free web application that helps voters to make informed voting decisions by providing non-partisan information and a candidates forum for positive discourse between members of the community and candidates.


topics discussed include: the inpsiration and purpose behind voterprep.org, how it works, etc.


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