In The Studio - Farm to Fork Festival

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Lin Weaver hosts Kari Miskit, PR Manager "Visit Sacramento," and Nicole Rogers, Program Manager Sacramento "Farm-to-Fork" Festival.



topics discussed include: Where and when the festival will take place, what the visitors can expect, history and background, and information about volunteering.

In The Studio - Davis Shakespeare Ensemble

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Lin Weaver interviews Gabby Battista, Associate Producer of DSE, and Ian Hopps and Susanna Risser, Actors.


topics discussed: Ian's roles "Claudio" in 'Much Ado About Nothing' and "Georg" in 'She Loves Me,' Susanna's roles "Beatrice" in 'Much Ado About Noithing' and "Ritter" in 'She Loves Me,' the upcoming Davis Shakespeare Festival, and excerpts from each play are performed.

A Brief Personal Journey Through African-American Spirituals

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Lellingby’s earliest public performances in Davis focused on African-American spirituals and African-American storytelling. Since then she has presented recitals of art songs and operatic arias, programs of Broadway’s gems, and most recently the classic rock and soul of the 1960s and 70s. While interweaving fond memories of her grandmother, Lellingby returns to performing African-American spirituals as Performers’ Circle’s featured act in May 2014. The program will include sing-alongs.

In The Studio - Yolo County Dept. of Child Support Services

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Lin Weaver hosts Natalie Dillon, Director of Yolo County Department of Child Support Services.


Topics discussed include: Child support, establishing paternity, August Awareness Month and the license release opportunity, FAQ, links and resources

In The Studio - News Network: Davis

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Lin Weaver hosts Jeff Hudson, Reporter for the Davis Enterprise.

jhudson at davisenterprise dot net

topics discussed include: the past election, Measure P, the upcoming school board elections, the Shakespeare Festival, and the Davis Music Festival among other things.

In The Studio - Who Is John Lescroart?

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Lin Weaver hosts John Lescroart, international best-selling author.

topics discussed include: the author as a man, musician, songwriter and singer, as well as memories from his childhood.

In The Studio - Creating New TV

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Tyler Shaffo hosts Bryce Parker, TV Producer and Director, and Ruth Chambers, TV and Radio Producer.

topics discussed include: The Rectangular Age and The Chambers Street Theatre, producing local TV and radio, future of media production.


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