In The Studio - Fall Fun in Davis

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Lin Weaver hosts Jeff Hudson, Arts Critic for the Davis Enterprise and Capital Public Radio.

topics discussed include: Davis events and shows, as well as the school year, including the classes at the Sac City College - Davis Center, the Davis public schools starting on August 28th, and the UC Davis academic calendar.

Recorded 08/14/19.

The Connie Bryan Show - Aug'19

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Comedian Connie Bryan's traditional late night talk show...On this August episode, Connie features her latest impersonation of SNL's "Wayne Campbell" in her timely "WAYNE'S WORLD" sketch. Joined by comedian Charlie Wilder impersonating "Garth", the lovable duo have decided they have the 'dumbed down mojo' that it takes to take down Trump and SAVE the country!...Followed by a topical guest segment with Alex Silva-Sadder, as Connie and Alex present a factual, hard hitting synopsis of the Mueller testimony before Congress.

In The Studio - The League of Women Voters Davis

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Lin Weaver hosts Mary Jo Bryan, Acting President, Georgina Valencia, Acting Secretary, and Bob Fung, Acting Vice President, all of the League of Women Voters of Davis.

topics discussed include: history of the league and the Davis chapter, why Davis chapter folded and why it is restarting, how CivEnergy is involved with the league, bringing the league into the current media landscape, how city is incorporated, goals.

Recorded 7/17/19.