In The Studio - County Services in Davis

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Autumn Labbe-Renault hosts Don Saylor, Yolo County Supervisor, District 2, and Nolan Sullivan, Service Centers Branch Director, Yolo County Health and Human Services.

topics discussed include: 600 A street Service Center opening July 2018, employment, youth health services, counselling, wellness center.

Recorded: 11/16/17.

In The Studio - Rebirth: The Woodland State Theatre

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Steve Streeter hosts David Wilkinson, Documentary Filmmaker, and Jeff Levich, Documentary Filmmaker.

topics discussed include: theatre history, movie theatre restoration, architecture, the documentary 'Rebirth: The Woodland State Theatre,' interviews with former employees, and the palm tree controversy.

Recorded: 11/16/17. Photos updated 1/16/18.

In The Studio - A Home for the Night

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Lin Weaver hosts Eric Elton, Board Chair, Interfaith Rotating Winter Shelter, and Kelsey Gaynor, Intern, Interfaith Rotating Winter Shelter.

topics discussed include: what the Interfaith Rotating Winter Shelter in Davis does, helping people in need, homless population in Davis, interfaith operations, and breaking down barriers between volunteers and the homeless.

Recorded 11/16/17.

In The Studio - Holiday Scams & Safety

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Jessica Wong hosts Kevin Clark, Enforcement Officer, Yolo County District Attorney and Paul Hillegass Investigator, Yolo County District Attorney.

Fraud Hotline: 855-496-5632 or

topics discussed include: preventing victimization, the impacts of being a victim of fraud, victim services, identity theft, fraud life insurance & annuities which are especially prevalent during the holidays.

Recorded 10/19/17

In The Studio - Rev. John Pamperin - The Later Years

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Rev. Timothy T. Malone hosts Rev. John Pamperin, Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient.

topics discussed include: The later years of Rev. John Pamperin's life and all he has done to be awarded a lifetime achievement award from the Mexican American Concilio of Yolo County, and his action on civil rights issues.

Recorded 10/19/17