In The Studio - Contributions of Muslim Athletes

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Aleem Shabazz, Co-founder of Crescent Sports Media, hosts Imam Raqeeb Abduljabbar, of the Sacramento Islamic Resource Center.

Sacramento Islamic Resource Center
4301 Marconi Avenue
on Facebook, or 916-342-5054

topics discussed include: how the resource center got started, what resources are available there, how you can contribute knowledge and skills, the roles Muslim athletes have found themselves in, athletes and politics and how changing economics in sports have affected their willingness to speak out on political matters.

Recorded 02/13/20.

Fast Forward - Joe Halderman

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SFWA Grand Master author Joe Haldeman talks about his illustrious career as a science fiction writer! Mr. Haldeman talks about his experiences at various writing workshops, his work as a writing teacher, and the pros and cons of long-term writing contracts.

Also in this episode:

Steve Cordle reviews Fire Touched, a Mercy Thompson novel by Patricia Briggs.

Marianne Petrino gives a rating of 3 chans to Red Data Girl, an anime series distributed by Funimation.

Fast Forward - Jo Walton

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In episode #290 of Fast Forward: Contemporary Science Fiction we interview award winning author Jo Walton. Ms. Walton talks about her latest series of books, the Thessaly trilogy, describing the special challenges of creating a world that has classical gods and magic, as well as sentient robots. She also talks about the opportunities the books gave her to explore issues of morality, equality and responsibility, using the story of the creation and development of a version of Plato's Republic.

The Connie Bryan Show - Feb'20

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Connie delves into the ongoing large scale use of ROUNDUP being sprayed in large quantity to kill aquatic plants in "The Delta", a water source for 25 million Californians...followed by Connie's oped on both the Repub Trump "cult" AND the "cult" within the Democratic Party, followed by Connie's performance of an iconic hit from the group "Chicago"

Historical Sketches - Napolean's Escape From Waterloo Part 2

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This is the second episode of Napoleon's flight after the defeat at Waterloo on June 18, 1815. We follow his travel from a remote country town in Northern France up to Paris where he takes shelter in the castle beonging to his ex-wide Josephine de Beauharneais. Maybe the Paris government will re-instate him and ask him to continue the fight against the European Allied Forces, that are at the door of Paris. But this is not to be and here, in the castle of Malmaison, Napoleon and company decide to escape to the United States, which it was not to be.