In The Studio - The Battle of the Books

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Lin Weaver hosts Shelley Dunning, Organizer of the Battle of the Books, and Kate Duren and Andy Jones, co-authors of "Where's Jukie."

topics discussed include: details about the Battle of the Books competition and event in Davis benefitting the Hattie Weber Museum, and a review of the book "Where's Junkie."

Note: This is the first episode in our new shorter web friendly format!

Artist's Connection - David Maloney - Independent Artist

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David Maloney performs a song and then talks with Kevin Fagan about being an Independent Artist.

David Maloney is a singer/songwriter based in San Anselmo, California. Dave’s musical career spans 46 years, and he is one of the founders of the West Coast Folk/Roots movement. Dave has released 11 solo albums, and 13 albums with Ginny Reilly as the folk duo, Reilly and Maloney.

Host Kevin Fagan is an award-winning journalist at the San Francisco Chronicle and a longtime musician and songwriter.

Artist's Connection - Matt Jaffe - Performance

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Season 2 of Artist's Connection kicks off with a new format and musician Matt Jaffe.  He performs a song and then talks with Kevin Fagan about the subject 'Performance at a Show.' 

Matt Jaffe is a singer/songwriter based in Marin County, CA. He and his band, The Distractions, have performed at East and West Coast venues and are starting a national tour in September. Matt's EP, "Blast Off," was released April 2015. In this episode, Kevin and Matt discuss performance and Matt talks about what he hopes to accomplish when he and his band take the stage.

In The Studio - Street Gangs

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Lin Weaver hosts Rob Strange, Chief Investigator, Yolo Co. DA Office, Sargeant Aaron Delao, Gang Task Force, Woodland PD, and Aaron Moe, Investigator, Yolo Co. DA Office.

topics discussed include: the spread of gangs in yolo county, where they are and the crimes they commit, most common identifying signs, color & tattoos, what local law enforcement & community is doing to curb gangs, can members leave their gangs & has society failed these individuals.

Recorded 07/30/15.

In The Studio - Humankind: Big Questions, Big Answers

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Lin Weaver hosts Alexander Harcourt, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, UC Davis, and author.

topics discussed include: his recent book "Humankind: How Biology & Geography Shape Human Diversity," why is humankind so diverse, is diversity necessary for survival, how long will humankind be on Earth, using genetics, linguistics, and geography to track homo sapiens.

Recorded 07/30/15.