In The Studio - 3D Printing

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Lin Weaver hosts Steven Lucero, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, UC Davis, and Russell Neches, Ph.D. student in Microbiology, UC Davis to discuss 3D printing and its various applications.

topics discussed include: how 3D printers work, the technologies behind them, the process of 3D printing, the applications for the sciences and arts, as well as live demos.

In The Studio - The Battle of the Books

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Lin Weaver hosts Shelley Dunning, Organizer of the Battle of the Books, and Kate Duren and Andy Jones, co-authors of "Where's Jukie."

topics discussed include: details about the Battle of the Books competition and event in Davis benefitting the Hattie Weber Museum, and a review of the book "Where's Junkie."

Note: This is the first episode in our new shorter web friendly format!