Vanguard Court Watch 8th Annual Fundraiser

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The Davis Vanguard presents Vanguard Court Watch 8th Annual Fundraiser.

Immigration Law: Defending Immigrant Rights and Keeping Families Together


Cecelia Escamillia-Greenwald, Brett Lee, NLG Sacramento, ACLU Yolo, Chuck Pacheco, Don Saylor, Holly Cooper, and David Greenwald.

Guest speaker Matt Gonzalez.

Immigration is a highly charged and important issue in our nation today. The event features two speakers who have been on the front lines of defending the rights of immigrants and their families.

Davis Futures Forum presents Paula Daniels

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The Davis Futures Forum presents Let's Talk About Food: Tapping the Potential of Davis.

presented by Paula Daniels, Co-founder and Chair of the Center of Food Purchasing, and a former senior advisor on food policy to former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. 

Daniels described how city policies can address sustainability, using food as an economic development tool.

Davis Mayor Brett Lee hosted the event, also featuring a panel discussion by local food leaders & remarks from Gloria Partida.

The Connie Bryan Show - Feb'19

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Comedian Connie Bryan's traditional late night talk show airing in 12 cable markets in California and nationwide including Washington DC...The February 2019 episode features a hard hitting opening monologue at Donald Trump's and Reality TV's expense, including Connie's impersonation of Steve Irwin "The Crocodile Hunter"...also more "Fun with the Newspaper", followed by Connie's interview of comedian Brian Crall, the owner of Sacramento's "The Comedy Spot".