Race and Social Justice

This collection primarily focuses on the Race and Social Justice Class at the Davis Senior High School.  

However, local content related to the subject matter of the class is also included in this collection for the benefit of our viewers. 


From The Community To The Classroom

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By reputation, Davis, California is a 'liberal, progressive' university community with 'high-performing' schools. But as in many American communities, beneath the surface lay marked racial disparities in schooling experiences and hurtful race relations. Charting more than 7 years, 'From The Community To The Classroom' documents the transformative power that youth in conjunction with adults had on one community's successful albeit ongoing quest for racial justice.

Breaking the Silence of Racism

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On Saturday December 1, the City of Davis Human Relations Commission will sponsor an event entitled, “Breaking the Silence of Racism,”  which will take place from 1pm to 3pm in Community Chambers, 23 Russell Blvd.

Community members are invited to share their recent experiences and thoughts regarding racist incidents in the Davis community and ask questions of a panel comprised of local leaders and officials.