10th Anniversary Equity Reunion and Lunch

Jann Murray-Garcia, MD,MPH and Superintendent Winfred Roberson welcome community members to the 10th Anniversary Equity Reunion and Lunch.  

This event focuses on the longrunning and impactful Race and Social Justice (RSJ) class taught by Kevin Williams at the Davis Senior High School.

Featuring the the 2014 Leadership in Diversity Student Research Scholars: Enrique Arechiga, Elijah Smith, Gabriel García, Hannah Thompson, Jacob Guerrero, Zoë Vikstrom, Carina Hinton, Nicolas Vives, Ricky Houck, Deon Wilkins, Jr. and Kailey Smith.

These scholars present a 10 Year Data Update: Achievement, Discipline and Student Perspectives.

Also featuring reflections on 10 years from former Youth In Focus, former Catalysts for Social Justice (CSJ) and former Race and Social Justice in US History (RSJ) students.

Last, this event featured a keynote speech by Melba Pattillo Beals, Ed.D, with a lunch and book signing following the event.  

PLEASE NOTE:  The keynote speech is not available for viewing online, but will be viewable on DCTV Channel 15 on local Davis cable.

3 hours 36 min
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