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On this special December 16th 2020 edition of 'The Connie Bryan Show', Connie Bryan speaks at a 'SAVE OUR BUSINESSES' event in Sacramento County. She reads the 'RECLAMATION OF INDEPENDENCE' document she recently wrote for American small business owners who are having their God-given freedom to operate their businesses attacked and destroyed by the UNAMERICAN and UNCONSTITUTIONAL abuse of power of California Governor Gavin Newsom. At the event Connie delivers a strong speech on behalf of protecting small businesses and The American Dream for 'We the People'.

Talking Point - Got Milk? Professor German, UC Davis Department of Food Science and Technology

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Lin Weaver interviews Professor German of the UC Davis Department of Food Science and Technology. Topics include the benefits of milk, mother's milk, and lactation. The discussion also centered on the new understanding of the microbiome in the gut, and how its composition affects the body and the brain.

COVID-19 Community Report December 15, 2020 - Jesse Salinas, Yolo ACE

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COVID-19 Community Report - Episode #45 - December 1, 2020

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