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In The Studio - Future Development Youth Center (FDyC)

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Preacher Cleveland hosts Frankie J Woods II, Executive Director and Founder of FDyC, Future Development Youth Center.

topics discussed include: GoFundMe campaign for new youth media shuttle bus, goals of FDyC, helping youth become media literate and developing positive personal skills, and why Frankie started FDyC.

Recorded 02/16/17.

Media Edge

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"The Laura Flanders Show" (25 minutes)

Political voices Kate Aronoff and Jonah Birch discuss the future of the Left: were the

election results a testament to the decline of the Left, or is this a moment

for a new left movement? When 13 million people in America cast a vote for a

self described Democratic Socialist, is there hope to be found in a political

movement propelled by the swamp in the White House? Our guests this week

discuss how we got to Trump, and where we -- as progressives -- are going.

Media Edge

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"The Laura Flanders Show" (25 minutes)

If we're going to liberate anyone in the era of Trump, we'll have to start looking where we

haven't looked before. This week's guests, radical Southern activists Suzanne Pharr and Stephanie Guilloud, spoke with Laura at Facing Race in November 2016, just days after the election. Through their movement work in the South, both have seen, and built, ground models for equitable, democratic, and defended communities.

Libertarian Counterpoint

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Show Three, More Good, Bad and Ugly


Housing and Urban Development, Ben Carson, neurosurgeon, at least he's actually lived in government housing.

Energy, Rick Perry, Even though he forgot he forgot he wanted to abolish the department, he is from Texas and does know something about energy. waffles on climate change.


UN Nikki Haley, already criticizing UN on it's stance on Israel, claims Russia guilty of war crimes in Syria.