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The Connie Bryan Show - Feb'20

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Connie delves into the ongoing large scale use of ROUNDUP being sprayed in large quantity to kill aquatic plants in "The Delta", a water source for 25 million Californians...followed by Connie's oped on both the Repub Trump "cult" AND the "cult" within the Democratic Party, followed by Connie's performance of an iconic hit from the group "Chicago"

Historical Sketches - Napolean's Escape From Waterloo Part 2

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This is the second episode of Napoleon's flight after the defeat at Waterloo on June 18, 1815. We follow his travel from a remote country town in Northern France up to Paris where he takes shelter in the castle beonging to his ex-wide Josephine de Beauharneais. Maybe the Paris government will re-instate him and ask him to continue the fight against the European Allied Forces, that are at the door of Paris. But this is not to be and here, in the castle of Malmaison, Napoleon and company decide to escape to the United States, which it was not to be.

Historical Sketches - Napolean's Escape From Waterloo Part 1

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We all know that Napoleon lost the battle of Waterloo. Less known is his rocanbolesque escape from the field of the lost battle to the French West Coast.

After an introduction about the series, in this episode we will follow Napoleon and his restricted court to the town of Berry-au-Bac, where momentous decisions were taken.

Fast Forward - Kim Stanley Robinson

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In episode 289 of Fast Forward: Contemporary Science Fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson discusses his novels 2312 and Aurora. He talks about his treatment of the themes of serious ecological problems on Earth and humanity attempting to expand across the solar system (and beyond). Mr. Robinson also talks about what his 2016 Robert A. Heinlein award means to him, and offers a brief mention of his next book, New York 2140.

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