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Sci-fi Journal - Apr'17

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Sci-Fi Journal for April 2017 with hosts James Hinsey, Marc Morisseau, and Adam Tuchman. Marc does Popcorn Previews with trailers for "Alien: Covenant" and "Bright". James has an interview with actor Sean Gunn who was at Northeast Comic Con in December 2016 in Wilmington, MA. Also we were at TerrorCon in February in Rhode Island and James interviews actor Ann Mahoney of The Walking Dead, Marc interviews author Heather Rigney, and Calvin interviews writer-director David Zagorski of MAD Z Productions. James does Anime Daisuki covering anime news.

Libertarian Counterpoint

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John McCain says Rand Paul is a Putin operative for objecting to Montenegro NATO membership.

Trump's taxes - at 25% in year leaked, more that Bernie's. Media's focus is on whether Trump was the leaker.

Political operative Roger Stone victim of hit and run, he thinks it may have been an assassination attempt especially after he was recently poisoned also.

LA County Sheriff's Department spending $300,000 to switch from silver to gold colored belt buckles. Both are actually brass.

Libertarian Counterpoint

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The grey market epitomized by Uber v. taxis, Air B&B v. Hilton and Amazon v. Macys.

FDA regulations of E-cigs.

Death from painkillers down 25% in legal marijuana states

Attorney General Jeff Sessions making noises about enhanced drug enforcement and disparaging comments about marijuana.

Justin Amash R-MI, Tom Garrett R-VA, Ed Blumenauer D-OR, Tulsi Gabbard D-HI, Scott Taylor R-VA & Don Young R-AK co-sponsoring "Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017.

Sorensen Exhibition at the Buehler Alumni Center

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Bridging Curious Spaces Between Abstraction and Life

Janet Sorensen's Oil Paintings

A Gallery Exhibition at the Walter A. Buehler Alumni Center

This event took place between November 4, 2016 and January 20, 2017 at UC Davis Walter A. Bueler Alumni Center, One Shields Avenue, Davis, CA 95616.

Video produced and edited by Janet S. Sorensen.

Strata: Portraits of Humanity - Mar'17

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(1) The Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho flows through the heart of the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness. This is the ancestral home of the Tukudeka Sheep Eaters a hunter-gatherer people who lived along the river until the Sheepeater Indian War of 1879. (2) In 52 BC, Vercingetorix, recently crowned King of the Gauls, has retreated and taken refuge at the oppidum (hill fort) of Alesia. His loss to Julius Caesar at the epic Battle of Alesia marked the conclusion of the Roman conquest of Gaul, a major turning point in the history of Europe.

Media Edge

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"Trump's Troubling Ties to Russia" (2.5 minutes)

Donald Trump’s dangerous infatuation with Russian President Vladimir Putin has been well documented. Less well known, however, are his vast ties to shady Russian businessmen and oligarchs who have helped to fund his real estate empire. Here’s what you need to know about Trump’s shady and long-running ties to Russia and how they are putting America at risk.