Non-Profit Business Success Stories: The Boys and Girls Clubs of America

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"Non Profit Business Success Stories: The Boys and Girls Clubs of America" enabling youth to reach their full potential.

Host Rose Sheehan interviews Executive Director, Mark Kuhnhausen and Marketing & Events Director, Chris DeNatale, from the Boys and Girls Clubs of Napa Valley; and Area Director, Jaime Gallegos, from American Canyon Boys and Girls Clubs on Marketing strategies and tactics for running successful fundraisers and capital campaigns.

Muslim American Contributions to Interfaith Dialogues - Part 2

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Host Imam Mikal Shabazz is joined by Imam Abu Qadir Al-Amin, Imam Antar Jannah, and Imam Raqueeb Abduljabbar.

The discussion of the history of Muslim American faith continues, and we hear how our guests got involved in the faith, earlier interfaith efforts as the Nation of Islam progressed in its understanding and maturity, and how the Imams contributed to peace and understanding among all faiths. 

Recorded 11/17. 

Libertarian Counterpoint

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Private sector sexual misconduct punished while politicians get off easy, https://www.lp.org/private-sector-sex...

Libertarians challenge Georgia ballot access law in Federal Court, https://www.lp.org/libertarians-chall...

Trump's hypocritical reversal on Saudi Arabia, https://www.lp.org/trumps-hypocritica...

Trump recognizes Jerusalem as Capital of Israel and lays plans to move U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv

Libertarian Counterpoint

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Libertarian Party salutes bitcoin success (and happily accepts bitcoin donations)

Freedom of Association Should Be a Piece of Cake,

Libertarians successfully launch largest city council recall in nation's history,

Wisconsin Libertarian running to abolish office he seeks,

Republicans in Nebraska send out email blast charging that Libertarian State Senator Laura Ebke hosting a showing of "It's a Wonderful Life" is illegal.

Alabamians have another choice besides Roy Moore and Doug Jones, Libertarian Ron Bishop.

Media Edge

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"Why Tax Breaks For the Rich Don't Create Jobs" (3 minutes)

It's time to end the "trickle-down" myth.

"Courage Is Contagious" (5.5 minutes)

When artist Damon Davis went to join the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, after police killed Michael Brown in 2014, he found not only anger but also a sense of love for self and community. His documentary "Whose Streets?" tells the story of the protests from the perspective of the activists who showed up to challenge those who use power to spread fear and hate.