Libertarian Counterpoint

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Show One, Trump the Good, the Bad and the Ugly


EPA - Scott Pruitt, Oklahoma Attorney General who has sued EPA and advocates dismantling large parts of it.

Education - Betsy DeVos, Amway billionaire and school choice activist.


Trade and Industry Policy Advisor, Peter Navarro, author of Death by China, trade war disaster maker.

Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, immigration and drug war hawk.

Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, Goldman Sachs crony.


The Battle for Welz

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Davis Media Access recorded World War II Veteran Mr. Francis Resta and Colonel Bruce Burns presentation on "The Battle for Welz,” part of the Rhineland Campaign where the Allies suffered extremely high casualties.

The presentation was free and open to the public in honor of Pearl Harbor Day, December 7.

Davis Media Access is proud to support our veterans.

Some parental guidance is suggested due to graphic language.