Libertarian Counterpoint

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Health and Human Services, Tom Price, orthopedic surgeon, opponent of ObamaCare.

Labor, Andrew Puzder, CEO of Carl's Jr., opponent of minimum wage etc.

Office of Management and Budget, Mick Mulvaney, deep spending cutter.


Defense General James Mattis, tougher than Trump on Russia, more supportive of NATO, supports Iran nuclear agreement.

Homeland Security, Marine General John Kelly

CIA, Mike Pompeo, at least he wouldn't endorse torture.


Sci-Fi Journal - Feb'17

This episode is currently not viewable online.

Sci-Fi Journal for February 2017 with hosts Jay Kingston, Marc Morisseau, and Calvin Watts III. Jay does Popcorn Previews with trailers for "Blade Runner 2049", "Kong: Skull Island", "The Space Between Us". Calvin does Game Over covering upcoming home video releases and video games news with trailers for CapCom's "Resident Evil 7: Biohazard"and Nintendo's "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild". Marc does Toob News covering all of our favorite and new television shows coming up in 2017.