Media Edge

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"The Racial Politics of Time" (12.5 minutes)

Cultural theorist Brittney Cooper examines racism through the lens of time, showing

us how historically it has been stolen from people of color, resulting in lost

moments of joy and connection, lost years of healthy quality of life and the

delay of progress. A candid, thought-provoking take on history and race that

may make you reconsider your understanding of time, and your place in it.

"An Evening with Senator Marie Chappelle-Nadal" (1 hour, 43 minutes)

Libertarian Counterpoint

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Trump's speech to Congress; Increased spending on defense, the drug war and infrastructure. No change in social welfare spending other than ObamaCare repeal and replace and cutting back regulatory agencies like EPA but not nearly enough spending cuts to pay for the proposed spending increases. Pipeline construction will almost certainly make liberal use of eminent domain. Is strong vetting a precursor to real ID and civil liberties and privacy violations? Are Iran sanctions a first step toward war? The Yemen raid was a success?

In The Studio - Building Ideas & Solving Problems

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Jeff Shaw hosts Kyle Williams and Gunner Lester, producers and hosts of the retired Building Ideas & Solving Problems radio show on KDRT, 95.7 FM-LP.

topics discussed include: Kyle and Gunnar's new TV show - Building Ideas & Solving Problems, their background in media production, why producing media is an important aspect of how they spend their time.

Recorded 02/16/17.

Libertarian Counterpoint

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Trump OKs Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines.

Trump pushes for immediate start to building the Mexican wall.

Trump move for immediate restrictions on immigration from Islamic countries.

Trump cancels TPP, starts disengagement from NAFTA and signals "America First" trade policies. China's immediate response is rattling ICBMs. Next is a probable devaluation of the yuan.

All of the above will probably release the inflation dragon.

Interior nominee, Ryan Zinke believes in climate change, Teddy Roosevelt progressive.

Sci-fi Journal - Mar'17

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Sci-Fi Journal for March 2017 with hosts James Hinsey, Jay Kingston, Marc Morisseau, and Calvin Watts III. Jay does Popcorn Previews with trailers for "Ghost In The Shell", "Logan", "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2", and "Life". Calvin does Game Over covering upcoming home video releases and video games news. The hosts remember John Hurt and Richard Hatch who had passed away. Marc does Toob News covering all of our favorite and new television shows coming up in 2017.

Talking Point - As Aleppo Burns: Human Rights in the Middle East

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Lin Weaver pre-lecture interview with Sarah Leah Witson, Middle East Director, "Human Rights Watch"

UC Davis Human Rights Lecture Series at the Manetti/Shrem Museum of Art.

Topics include: UN Human Rights Charter, Country Sovereignty vs. International Outrage, Human Rights Watch's operations, and a review of what constitute human rights violations.

In The Studio - UC Davis Chemistry Miller Symposium

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Preacher Cleveland hosts Nicole Nunez, Chemistry PhD graduate student, and Dr. Sheila Davis, UC Davis Chemistry Professor.


topics discussed include: The 17th Annual Miller Symposium on March 16 + 17th, whey they chose chemistry, drug development, purpose of what's happening with the miller symposium, poster presentation, scholarships, lab work, speakers.

Recorded 02/16/17.