Wine Country at Work - Wine Tasting 101

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Ralph de Amicis is a top wine tour guide in the two top wine destinations in the world, Napa and Sonoma. Over the years from visiting wineries with his clients he had learned a thing or two about what makes a wine tasting enjoyable and educational. He share some of that here and follows that up with some insights about wine grapes based on clients questions, and finally a look at enjoying sparkling wines.

Wine Country at Work - Napa Walking Tour

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Napa is known for being a famous producer of wine and yet its history goes far beyond that. One of the towns great performing historians is tour guide and actor George Webber, who has created numerous characters, both fictional and historic to tell the fascinating story of Napa and Sonoma. This half hour interview in Napa with host Ralph de Amicis is filled with interesting insights about the region and the work of an actor/tour guide.

Wine Country at Work - Napa Wine Train

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This rolling museum/restaurant rolls up the beautiful Napa Valley twice daily, but what goes on behind the scenes, with these antique cars hosting visitors from throughout the world is a whirl of well organize activity. Ralph starts of in the train yard among the repair crews, moves into the big commercial kitchen, and then travels up the valley splitting his time between compact kitchen, work areas, dining cars and platforms. It is a wonderful, graceful relaxing trip.

Wine Country at Work - Viader Vineyards

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Perched on the steep hillsides of Howell Mountain in Northern Napa, this small family winery is known for its remarkable wines and incredible scenery. Here Ralph is looking for answers about how much the location shapes both the products and the experience? The answer appears to be, dramatically! This episode is not surprisingly filled with gorgeous scenery and a wonderful interview with the tasting manager, a native of Napa with wonderful insights about the local wine world.

Wine Country at Work - Trefethen Winery

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Houses in one of Napa's oldest winery buildings this large, estate family winery is well known for their excellent hospitality. In Ralph's interview with one of their most experienced team members, and one of their newest, he seeks answers to how they create this welcoming and diverse educational experience as part of their retail operation.

Wine Country at Work - The Caves at Soda Canyon

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Very little in Wine Country happens quickly, and digging caves is not one of them. This particular project is fascinating because it also spawned a unique business model where four wineries share the same remarkable cave complex. This project from inception to opening doors spanned almost ten years and hearing the story from the two founders offers a great perspective on what it takes to make a modern winery.

Populist Dialogues - 17-45 - District Attorneys: They Should Report to You

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With the ever increasing numbers of incarcerated, we need to discuss how we want the criminal justice system to work.Part of that discussion needs to be around one of the least accountable aspects of the system - the District Attorneys. Daniel Lewkow, campaign manager for the Oregon ACLU's:  "They Report to You" campaign, talks about the DA's power and how we can make them accountable. DAs have a lot of power without a lot of oversight. We can change that.