In The Studio - Champions of Human Rights

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Lin Weaver hosts Keith David Watenpaugh, Professor, Director of Human Rights Studies, UC Davis and Co-Director UC Davis Human Rights Collaboration.

topics discussed inlcude: The most flagrant violations of human rights, ways to tackle some of the most pressing issues of these violations in the world today.  Human rights studies at UC Davis and the Davis Human Rights Lectures '2017 Series.'

Recorded 01/19/17.

Painting Journeys - Journeys End

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The artist, Kitty Lynne Klich wraps up her series, "Painting Journeys" by bringing the viewers home to her favorite place in Sheboygan County, where she resides. Her brush captures the beauty and serenity of North Beach, located on Lake Michigan overlooking the city of Sheboygan as she talks about the area and thanks her viewers and crew with a final farewell.

Painting Journeys - Home on the Mississippi

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A journey down the Mississippi River has many surprises in store for the traveler.

In this episode, the artist Kitty Lynne Klich, shares many of them, but it is the little yellow house on stilts along the bank of the river that touches her artistic soul and is rendered on her canvas during this program.

Painting Journeys - Grand Canyon, Grand Canyon National Park

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Standing on the South Rim and looking out over the Grand Canyon filled the Artist, Kitty Lynne Klich, with a deep sense of awe! The rugged beauty of this untamed area has called many an artist to interpret it. Klich's choice to make the outcropping with the tree her focal point, was carefully decided so that more of the Grand Canyon could be seen beyond. The changing colors of the Canyon are a feast for an artist's eyes.

Painting Journeys - Pacific Coastline

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Artist, Kitty Lynne Klich, captures on canvas a scene from her journey traveling south along the Pacific Coast Highway. She stops to rest at a viewing area along the road overlooking an atmospheric view of the shoreline in the distance. Everything is bathed in a soft blue violet hue as the clouds and mist lay heavily over the trees beyond, with the little hidden beach below.