Parent University 2013 - Madeline Levine, PhD

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"While we all hope that our children will do well in school, we hope with even greater fervor that they will do well in life. Our job is to help them know and appreciate themselves deeply, to be resilient in the face of adversity, to approach the world with zest, to find work that is satisfying, friends and spouses who are loving and loyal, and to hold a deep belief that they have something meaningful to contribute to the world."

-Madeline Levine, PhD

Parent University 2012 - Parenting In the Information Age

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Featuring excerpts from the award winning "PBS Frontline" documentary Digital Nation followed by a panel discussion on the developmental, behavioral, social and legal implications of kids on technology.

Facilitated by Pamela Wu, former anchor for KCRA.

Panelists include: 

Mary Kay Hoal- President of Yoursphere Media Inc., ABC 20/20 Contributor, Family internet and social networking safety expert.

Stephen Nowicki, MD, PhD, FAAP - Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician

Chapman Shorts - 'Fetch' and 'Itsy Bitsy'

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An ice fishing trip gone to the dogs... Jim Doti and Adrienne Brennan interview writer/director David May on his films "Fetch" and "Itsy Bitsy". "Fetch", a light-hearted father/son and man’s best friend story explores the dangers of ice fishing, and the horror-comedy about a couple's struggle to get back a ring from a clever crawler, "Itsy Bitsy". May's work has been screened in over 50 film festivals including the Montreal film festival and Cannes.

Chapman Shorts - 'Living in Limbo'

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Imagine growing up a proud American to one day find out you were brought into this country as an immigrant. You’ve dedicated your life to your academics, then come to realize an opportunity of going to your dream university will remain just that, a dream. Hosts Jim Doti and Eve Kornyei talk to Viktoria Ershova, director of “Living in Limbo,” a compelling documentary about the predicament of undocumented immigrant children in America and the controversial law that could change their lives.

Chapman Shorts - 'Notre Joie, Notre Vie'

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Produced as part of the "Destination: Africa 2009 International Documentary Scholarship Program", "Notre Joie, Notre Vie" brings awareness to the human trafficking epidemic Cameroon, West Africa has faced within the last four years. It highlights the lives of four individuals, who against all odds, have fought against this pernicious trade and with the help of the Global Welfare Association (GLOWA) have restored their dignity.

Chapman Shorts - 'The Action Hero's Guide to Saving Lives' and 'Bon Appetit'

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An action comedy that takes you behind the scenes of Ace Mulligan's perilous and not-always-successful mission to stop the bad guys, get the girl, and save the day, Justin Lutsky's "The Action Hero's Guide to Saving Lives" shows that even action heroes need a second shot . Jim Doti and co-host Phil Case discuss "The Action Hero's Guide to Saving Lives" and "Bon Appetit", a comedy about a waiter who saves the day when an evening of fine dining unexpectedly turns into a hostage situation, with Chapman Alumni, Justin Lutsky.

Chapman Shorts - The Cameroon Documentaries

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In an effort to promote social awareness and global citizenship, Chapman University students travelled to West Africa to document the stories of the people of Cameroon. Host Jim Doti and Co-host Martha Bathal interview two of the creators, Hannah Taylor and Matthew Prouty and executive producer, Jeff Swimmer on their experience in West Africa and the process of creating these eye-opening films. “Eye to Eye” explores the inspiring ways that activists in Cameroon are attempting to head off the looming extinction of the Cross River Gorilla and other primates.

Chapman Shorts - 'Husk'

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A film to make anyone weary of cornfields and abandoned roads, Writer/Director Brett Simmons talks to Hosts Jim Doti and Eve Kornyei about "Husk" a horror short, featured at Sundance, about 4 men who get stranded by a cornfield and face a wicked scarecrow. "Husk" is the first Chapman produced film to be featured at the Sundance Film Festival.

Loose Painting in Oils

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"Loose Painting in Oils" - Artists and non artists alike will enjoy watching Carol Hallock paint beautiful live oak trees, a picket fence and shadows as she makes it seem incredibly easy and fast.

Watch as Carol Hallock paints with easy to learn demonstrations for beginning to advanced painters.
Techiniques are demonstrated showing how to develop a loose stroke, stop sweating the details and using contrast, color and composition to achieve maximum "OOOMPH".